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January 21st 2018
Published: January 22nd 2018
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Lake EolaLake EolaLake Eola

Farmers Market
“As Seen On TV” — something new for us to investigate. On a local TV channel, an advertisement for the Lake Eola Farmers Market has been running. Said over 200 vendors selling their goods at this Farmers Market. Held every Sunday from 10-4. Why not? Let’s check it out.

Only problem is it’s located in downtown Orlando ...just beyond the Amway Center. With the extensive construction on I-4 that is and will be going on for years, we get jostled around in our touring car as we make our way through the weaving, congested traffic. Lulu gets car sick easily so she stays under wraps in her carry bag.....just in case. Cory steers us up one street and down another until we can see the pretty lake in sight. Not familiar with the parking arrangements, we park close by in a $5.00 lot. Later, we see others lined up going into a huge parking garage.

Quickly, we are right at the spot of activity. The vendors and their tents line the pathways around this lake and park. High rise apartment buildings, hotels and business complexes overlook the lake. A great view for those who live in one of these pricey looking apartments. Lulu eyeballs them with envy.

All sorts of delights are for sale in this tent lined shopping Mecca. Of course, there are the usual fruits and veggies but artisans have their crafts on display, also. Unique food tents tempt your senses. A Monte Cristo crepe looks scrumptious. A breakfast tamale looks wonderful, too. Samples are offered and we partake.....just like at BJ’s and Costco’s. Enough to get your juices flowing but not enough the satisfy your hunger. Lulu wastes no time catching her photo shoot opportunities. She doesn’t mind when a youngster hollers out “ Look, a head”! She knows they all don’t know her name! Maybe someday they will, though.

Lots of people and lots of dogs. A great day for an outing. We begin our hike around the isn’t a huge lake......not like one of the Great Lakes. Sandy said we walked just over a mile after making our way around it. Many people were wearing weird pink hats. Oh my....we are in the middle of the gathering for the Women’s March against Trump and for Women’s Right. I’m okay on the second cause. We squeeze ourselves around and through these demonstrators. An Obama look-a-like was even the crowd.

We checked out the Swan Boat ride. One of us would have to stay behind....and that’s not even counting we passed. You have to pedal these large Swan looking boats for 1/2 hour...the first ten minutes might have been okay but it would end up only floating after that. Of course, Lulu would have been no help at legs!

It was a nice day. Sandy bought a loaf of special, home made garlic bread. We bought a jar of our favorite honey mustard sauce. Tasty treats for later.

Oh....back up time. I forgot to mention our adventure of yesterday. Nothing much planned until I noticed a movie I had wanted to see was showing at The Cinemark theater at the Artegon Mall. Not much left to this once unique shopping place. Only the theater and a huge Bass Pro Store. The theater has those wonderful, comfy, squishy recliner loungers. I love them. The movie we saw was Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Good movie! Great acting! Still a few more movies on our list to see so stay tuned for our review! Until then.....

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