Bad influence

Published: May 3rd 2016
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I'm sorry I haven't done a blog post the last few days. We have been to Disney Hollywood studios it's full of Star Wars fans (and ordinary Disney fans of course) though I'm not brave enough for the rides.

It's a small park so most of the day we are hanging around until our next Fast Pass time. We juggled the times around a bit as I wasn't feeling too great. At one point I had to be wheelchaired to First Aid so I could lie down and get some rest. I was feeling really dizzy and sleepy and nauseous. 30 minutes lying down and a Power Aid drink and I was fit to leave. It was a combination of lack of sleep and the heat.

We went back to the hotel to change and had our dinner at the 50s prime time diner. That was so much fun. The place was designed to look like a home in the 50s complete with Mom's Cooking lol. The atmosphere was wonderful. Some guests were even spoonfed if the server felt they hadn't eaten enough! Just like being a kid. I was a naughty girl putting my elbows on the table and not finishing my dinner so the table nearest to me were asked to keep an eye on me and stop me being a bad influence.


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