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December 17th 2013
Published: December 18th 2013
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Hiya Toots! Aw phooey! (Memorable Donald Duck sayings!)

Holy Donald Duck we're having so much fun it should be illegal!

Well for the most part it's been a great time, but holy shmoly, since we got here we keep marching along almost like programmed toy soldiers. Every day we wake up early, run into the walls, have breakfast, pack, brush our teeth and get in the van & hit the parks, sometimes 2 parks in 1 day. We seem to take a lickin but keep on tickin but you do feel like you are running on empty some days. Tired (getting up early), sore feet, sore hips (even the kids!). I swear to god I woke up the other morning and saw what looked to be a reflection of Mickey Mouse through the curtains and I almost screamed. Don't get me wrong, I am LOVING this experience, but it's just a complete Mickey overload every single day. It's been great though & we wouldn't change a thing. This is one "vacation" where we'll have to go home for a rest. BUT we'll have the pictures to prove we were away!

Sunday was our day of rest (if you can call it that), although we did go to Downtown Disney which doesn't require a park pass. It consists of over 150 stores, restaurants & entertainment locations, so it can be a welcomed change of scenery when you've had your share of everything "Disney". There are virtual reality games & Disneyquest and good old classic video and arcade games for kids and those young at heart. There's also a Cirque du Soleil show there; lots of acrobats, jugglers, trapeze artists etc.

It was nice to be on our our own schedule & have time to leisurely walk around, take in the sights, music and scrumptious foods that makes you thank the good lord for blessing you with taste buds. Until you have tasted cinnamon roasted almonds, well, you just haven't lived (at Disney World). It was nice to walk around holding Al's hand and not be bustled along with a busy crowd.

Once we pulled up to Downtown Disney we opted to pay for valet parking which was $15 and well worth it. Drop off at the door and you send a text when you are ready for your car to be delivered. Sweet. While the kids wandered with Martha, Al & I stopped at House of Blues to grab a drink and it was not cheap but hey we're on holidays so bottoms up.

We met up with Linda & Henry and family and then had dinner at T-Rex Cafe recommended by Celine! We had NO reservations, and the line up was long enough, but by getting there a little bit earlier than the typical dinner hour we were told it would be a half hour wait. So I made my reservation for this prehistoric restaurant under..."WILMA FORAN (as in Wilma in the Flintstones..enough said). It was kind of funny to hear them announce the name. And if you don't know who the Flinstones are, then you are not old enough to read my blog.

It was something totally spectacular. Picture an interactive dinosaur restaurant that was...dyno-mite! Talk about a Jurassic adventure. We have never seen anything like this ever, big whooly mammoths, a big moving octopus, and moving dinosaurs including a 15 foot tall T-Rex that greets you upon entry. (Makes for a "roaring" good time). This is a place for kids; and the parents go along willingly to give their kids this experience.

The dining rooms are made to looking like ice cavern landscapes with a fern forest. A meteor show effect happens every 15 minutes lighting it up which is amazing visual entertainment. They even have a pre-historic fossil dig for the kids. That's a great chance for parents to enjoy a drink while the kids are pre-occupied. As for food, it was pretty good, not fine dining but hey, have you ever dined at a pre-historic restaurant/ice cave that changes colors all the time? I don't think so...

Most of all we really enjoyed having our family join up with Linda & Henry for a great catch-up and lots of laughs. Linda HATES to have her pic taken, so well, she allowed me one!

Well our internet keeps dropping at our condo, so I bid you adieu, and a good night. See pics at the bottom; lots more to post but due to internet being lost, it will have to be tomorrow.

PS it was warm enough here today despite our sunblock for some of us to sort of resemble Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer...

PSS the name of the bar restaurant at our condo is aptly named Shipwrecked Sally's...I resemble that name after 6 nights here.

Signing off,

Shipwrecked Sal

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18th December 2013

Pictures are great! Especially love the one of you and Linda. Ha!
18th December 2013

wear comfortable shoes...
hi Sally; so glad to see you're all having so much fun. enjoy the 70+ degree weather. we have snow Snow and more SNOW here in the north. ugh. just a reminder to check out Universal City Walk if possible. you don't need to pay to get into the park- it's sort of like downtown disney for universal- shops/fun & restaurants. I would recommend Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville restaurant. we had dinner there twice while in Orlando- the fish & chips are awesome and the visuals are lots of fun. enjoy.
18th December 2013

Comfy shoes
Thanks Cindy not sure if we'll get there but I'm going to keep all these notes. It will be hard to go home (sniff sniff)
18th December 2013

Sally and Linda
Tee hee hee, our slow moving hugging and kissing Linda is finally working out, seeing that she's letting you take a picture of her and with a kiss! What a beautiful place Disney seems to be...glad you're all enjoying it.
18th December 2013

Sal & Linda
Yep she let me, and she went on a ride to with us...!
18th December 2013

We love Downtown Disney
Great to catch the blog, Sal...say hi to Al, Linda, Henry and kids...we did the same tour last year and completely understand the feeling of happiness, coupled with exhaustion! Shauna and I kept muttering, "it's the happiest place on earth"... We loved Downtown Disney - if you get a minute, take in a movie at the AMC there...they serve you a 3 course meal in your seat while you watch your favorite flick!!! We saw the hobbit and eat steak and seafood last year at Christmas - surreal!!! Have an amazing holiday - its the happiest place on earth (until the VISA bill arrives) so happy then. Hugs and best, Derrick and the Dominoes
18th December 2013

Downtown disney
Yes Derrick we are in agreement about being happy & exhausted! So far we have hardly used our credit card at all...we like to use cash, just like when in Playa. Helps to ease the stress of going home :)

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