Precocious Little Madams, Come This Way

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August 3rd 2008
Published: November 6th 2011
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Pixie DustPixie DustPixie Dust

May all your dreams and wishes come true.
Given that we had not had a chance to adjust from UK time, we were awake and about very early the next day. Our kids were playing out in the pool at 5.00am, which they loved, despite us constantly telling them to keep the noise down because of how early it was.

We thought we would spend the first day taking it relatively easy before we hit the theme-parks full-on. That’s not to say that we didn’t get to Disneyworld at all. We needed some park tickets as we had been advised that it would be far cheaper to buy them from the parks rather than in advance from the UK , so we went to Downtown Disney for the afternoon.

Even though this is little more than a series of shops and restaurants, it quickly became very apparent how sugar-coated Disneyworld Florida was going to be when we came across people going around to sprinkle pixie-dust on us whilst signing, “May all your dreams and wishes come true” in an annoyingly cheery voice. Needless to way I was violently sick in the nearest bin.

At least Disneyland Paris had the French, with a total lack of enthusiasm
Planet HollywoodPlanet HollywoodPlanet Hollywood

This is actually a three-floor restaurant
and general cynical negativity to tone it down to more of an acceptable level.

We went to the Planet Hollywood restaurant to eat, which was very impressive. It was inside a large globe with three levels all covered in movie memorabilia.

The Disney World Store is apparently the biggest Disney shop in the world and it is huge, with several different areas full of clothes, toys and the usual tat. There was also the Disney Boutique where you could pay an absolute fortune so that your daughter (definitely, definitely not one for the boys) can come out looking like a precocious little madam.

By this point we had had enough exposure to the cheery-eyed world of Disney, so we got our tickets and got out of there, leaving ourselves plenty of time to mentally prepare ourselves up for a full-on day in the Magic Kingdom.


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