On the Road Again

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1st November 2011

Welcome to Colorado
I followed your adventures in 2009-10 as I am interested in traveling to new Zealand. Anyway, good to see that you are on the road again; this time to Vail. Welcome...I live in Colorado too and ski Vail with my kids occasionally. You will certainly enjoy Colorado more than Florida, where I also had a house in Lake Worth.
1st November 2011

Enjoy Colorado!
We will miss you here in Florida, but you will throughly enjoy my old stomping grounds. Red Cliff is a great little town I am sure you will enjoy. With it's mining history and it's historic Red Cliff Bridge. It is one of Colorado's two steel arch bridges. Being built in the 1940's which the workers had to endure sub-zero temperatures in order to complete it will surely make shuttling in a warm car or working inside bartending a great joy. Amy, you should be able to get some fantastic photos of that to post. Also, when you get a chance be sure to visit Grand Lake, CO. It is an adorable artistic community that encourages "Mom & Pop Shops" due to its bi-laws forbidding chain store operations from setting up. Maybe when I am back visiting family I can swing by to see you guys again. ENJOY COLORADO!!
4th November 2011

Sounds like a really great idea to me! :o) I hope some day soon I'll be able to go on adventures like that myself...given that I've only seen snow once my whole life, I'm a bit jealous. Hope everything works out for you guys, keep us posted!

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