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Hi everyone, well we are 3 days out from "lift-off" and counting. Our travel companions, Sue and Arthur Shapiro, are joining us tonight to "relax" from the huge anticipatory excitment of a great trip to China by going to the local "Chinese restaurant" for dinner´┐Ż We are traveling with Sue and Arthur, United Business Class, hopefully to make our long 18 hours "in the air" no less than enjoyable. We leave Tampa at 5 am on Tuesday, the 12th of March, in the 'year of our lord 2013', travel to Newark and at 3 pm on the same day we lift off to Beijing, arriving almost exactly 24 hours later, 3 pm (Beijing time) on Wed. the 14th, in time for a light meal and bed! Our itiniary is below: ... read more

Pete had both knees replaced this past July 22. He is presently at a Rehab place near our house. He is doing fantastic!!! He is looking forward to traveling and being able to dance again. ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » New Port Richey » Gulf Harbors November 23rd 2008

I am trying to catch up on our travel blog. It has been over a month since writing. We have been so busy. Day 1 Left home (only 9 days there) headed for North Florida. Old Town, where Ed and Gladys live. We will spend a couple of nights here, while we catch up on our adventures. And play some Mexican Dominoes. To our surprise, Ed had cooked dinner. Found out Gladys working at a super market as a cashier. Iris, their tea cup poodle is as friendly as always. We are driving our new pick up truck. Actually new to us, but not new. There are 2 cats also, Cupid and indoor one, and Shamu outside cat. Both of them very friendly. Cupid is so bad, he begs for handouts at the table. He actually ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » New Port Richey » Gulf Harbors November 20th 2007

Bags are packed, headed in am to Ft. Lauderdale. We are going to have to buy a new laptop, this one is 2 years old, has intermittent problem. Way we see it, is buy it here, cheaper than down the line. So Friday we will be somewhere buying one. Friday afternoon we are headed to the Lloyd's. Coming back to Lauderdale Saturday afternoon. Spending sometime with the family, before we head out.... read more

Arrived home today. We spent a few days on the road between New Bern and home. We took US 17 the Coastal Hwy going South. We saw Charleston and Beaufort, SC. We spent 2 nights at Buck Hall on the ICW. It is a Forestry campground. Only 20 spots, you take a chance trying to stay there...We were lucky. All the sites had electric and water. The campground has several boat ramps and a fishing pier. Very nice!!! We saw a parade of boats going South. Maribel spotted Nice & Easy, ran to water but they didn't hear her. Back on the rv, the handheld VHF came out to find it was dead. So then came out the boat cards, ahhh yes, cell phone listed, so M made the call. Left them a voice message. The ... read more
Savannah customs House
View of board walk
Convention Center

North America » United States » Florida » New Port Richey » Gulf Harbors September 22nd 2007

Just a short update, Dr's appointments were fine. Renew RX's. Pete had an "if?" on his face so dermatologist froze it. He also had ingrown hair on his cheek, it was removed. ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » New Port Richey September 21st 2007

This our hysterical cat, Fusa. She is more like a dog. Likes to follow us around. Begs for treats. At times she let's us have it. She does not like change, typical cat. Hates rough water, hates over 20 knots of wind. Hates, absolutely hates night crossings. PETE SWEARS SHE HAS LEARN TO CUSS IN SPANISH. We were on a night crossing, about 2 am, this cat comes up on deck, giving the loudest Meowww you ever heard. She was complaining she could not get any rest, she could not go prance around the boat, weather was bad, she was still trying to get out unto the deck. That's when Maribel, picked her up, threw her gently into aft cabin telling her a flat NO. She meow for awhile, but did not come back up. All ... read more
Fusa hiding
My seat
Home on her recliner

We arrived home, found home pretty clean. John did a good job in the cleaning part. We have made upteen calls, trying to set up Dr's appointments. Ahhh, yes, the mail, is over whelming after 8 months. Thankfully, John threw away most of the junk mail. But it is over whelming. Joann and her family are in Treasure Island, we will head down for 2 nights with them. ... read more
John & Lulu
hmmmm, dominoes?

Because is so late in this season to go sailing, we have purchased a Roadtrek. This is a van, self contained, 19 feet long. The model is a 190 popular. It has 39K miles. It is a 1998 model. They are built in Kitchner, Ontario, Canada. they are built by a company called Home Park. We have been invited to the Morgan Invasion West Coast of the USA. Pete's last day will be April 29. We will leave the boat on the hard in Tarpon Springs. We sustained some damage to the starboard side during hurricane Jeannie. It will be painted, deck and hull. There is a 6 foot deck delamination that will be fixed as well. New windows will be installed in the stern. Kam and Mike will bring boat home when finished. We will ... read more

Today is Pete's last day at work. Wow, 30 years went by...Pension starts in April. But he was offered a contract. so postpone real retirement for 6 weeks, April 29 will be it.... read more

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