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December 30th 2008
Published: December 30th 2008
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Pass the parcelPass the parcelPass the parcel

What present will we get at Koinonia?
Hi Everybody.
I hope you've all got over your Christmas hangovers and gut aches and are ready for another dose tomorrow night!
Well what with travelling, time issues and blank spots we've kind of skipped over, forgotten a few things that have happened to us.
We had such a good time in Koinonia that it was really sad to leave. On our last day we had a great meal, with good company. We all brought small presents along and stood in a circle. Then one of the leaders told a story which included many lefts and rights, and we passed the present around accordingly. I ended up with some meditation cds and tea (which I don't drink), whilst Fiona got some peanut butter cake mix! Fiona was also awarded her Musical Chair award (which sits proudly on our TV) and I read my poem (see below) which people seemed to like. The people on the farm were great, though it was difficult for me to be surrounded by soo much chocolate when I choose not to eat it! (I'm nuts I know).
Before we left Americus we also visited a local Court where they were handing out sentences to criminals. It
By the riverBy the riverBy the river

Savannah - Fiona's new favourite place
was interesting to see people in chains and orange suits. We were hoping for some Judge Judy moments but these people had already pleaded guilty so we just had the sentencing. The judge seemed a bit bored as he handed out similar judgements on the people, though he did chuckle at a guy who stole 4 tin bath tubs! It certainly was laid back, the judge just wore a suit, it didn't start on time and one of the lawyers was wearing a bright Christmas tie (only in America).
In the last blog we forgot to mention that on Christmas Eve we went to Midnight Mass at the local Community Church here in South Beach. It certainly was an experience. One guy was wearing a dress, with pigtails in his hair and waving a wand around his head. Another was drunk, came in late wearing a huge backpack and proceeded to take 5 mins trying to squeeze into the smallest place in the pews. He interrupted the service to leave early as well. We also had a re-enactment of the Christmas story (minus the childbirth) with a procession of Shepherds and Kings some of whom seemed to have been at

Our place in Savannah
the Communion wine a bit too much. It did make us feel a bit more Christmassy though walking out into the warm night air did remind us that we are still far from home.
We have enjoyed ourselves here, though it is hard to do anything other than go on the beach during the day which can feel a bit repetitive at times (I'm sure you feel for us). Most of the things we have done have been in the evenings. The other night we went to the World Erotic Art Museum which was having a function with an all you can drink bar (a good incentive). It was full of some colourful members of the Miami community, from women with painted breasts to transgenders (which Fi pointed out in her oh so subtle way!). Fiona got chatted up by this dodgy old drunk guy (we all need the alcohol) and we also got stuck talking to this drunk Anglophile who seemed to be bordering on Miami's version of an Aryan-supremacist, which kind of means he would be one if the party wasn't so good. We had our picture taken with Adam and Eve and took a look at the
Our PresentsOur PresentsOur Presents

I opened the card Mum, thanks
interesting art (or porn) work on display.
Yesterday was busy. We took a tour trip into Miami itself. It was a quick, though costly, flit round on the bus with only a stop in Coconut Grove. Here Fiona almost got left behind as she dawdled off to look at wildlife and I had to stop the bus from going. We took a nice cruise around the bay and islands, taking a look at some of the large mansions. Apparently some famous people live here, from J-Lo to Jackie Chan, Liz Taylor, Ricky Martin to name a few. Though all the places seemed empty and that doesn't surprise me considering they would have to put up with gawking sightseers with their cameras out. We also got to see some more dolphins (yawn, yawn).
Last night we visited a club which had a burlesque night. That was pretty cool, a mixture of cabaret and thumping tunes. This was followed by an amateur pole dancing contest amongst the audience where you could win $300 (Fi had to hold me back). We shouted ourselves hoarse cheering for this Brazilian woman to win just so this slutty hoe didn't get it (she wanted it too much).
We've also visited a cool Jazz place here and blew out a chance to see Pete Tong DJ at a club (it just wasn't cool enough for us). We've seen a wedding on the beach, amongst the trash cans, gulls and sunbathers!
One thing we have noticed here is that the mannequins seem to have huge bosoms. At least I think they're dolls, it can be hard to tell with so much other plastic around. Though to be honest most of the people we have seen haven't been the beautiful set that they're supposed to be, just normal people and quite a few French people.
Thanks for all the Christmas messages and other comments, we really enjoying reading them so keep 'em coming.
Anyway we're off to have a quiet night before figuring out what we're going to do tomorrow. Hope you all have good plans.
Bring on 2009!

PS - For those of you who may be interested here is the poem I wrote at Koinonia:

A Seed of Hope

Amongst the pecan trees a seed of hope was planted
That man of all race may live as God had granted
To put aside difference and experience the joy
That comes from within, like a horse of Troy

As a nation weeped, this soul did thrive
For on this land all who trod felt alive
Together, united they stood out from the crowd
When those of thunder hid behind a shroud

Through tempered seas and cannon this ideal did endure
And new arrivals flocked to live a life so pure
The scars have not stained from yesteryear
Now all can live without that previous fear

To sit today, to think, to stare
To ponder life, to breathe the fresh, clean air
You could not tell a battle was fought here
Nature has washed away the darkest tear

From here the seed did spread the land
So one people could walk, hand in hand
That tension, that hate seem so long ago
You truly do reap what you do sow

Now they toil, now they sweat
To topple a new challenge we’ve not met yet
To know that people and the Earth are one
To live together under our only Sun

This peace we hear, that the birds do sing
Is truth of what this love can bring
This world is tired, but will it cope?
As long as the seed is here, we all have hope


4th January 2009

Sounds Amazing!
Hi guys! Happy new year and I'm glad to read you had a fab xmas. Sorry I haven't commented earlier I only read my emails today ( I forgot I have two email addresses) so I have just checked out your blogs and its cheered me up immensly. I look forward to reading more keep safe. Love Josie

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