South between beaches....and the coldest weather ever in the Everglades!

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January 25th 2018
Published: February 4th 2018
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Here we are, the 29th State visited by Tanya....and we did it through two different stays! The first one was after some flying time. Durban-Dubai, 8 hours on a plane...than it was a long 23 hours transfer in Dubai...drinking way too much bubbles before heading for a dreadful 15 hours flight, full flight all the way to Fort Lauderdale. This is my first flight to the tiny airport. Emirates doesn't fly to Miami, but to this tiny airport few miles North. Great news, we would be out way ahead of explore a little!

Rented the car and we are on our way West, all the way to the Everglades. It is lunch time, but it's freezing. Temperatures top a maximum of 12 degrees...something I have never experienced around South Florida. At least we are lucky, the sun is out, but the wind is freezing!

First stop, the Everglades...or shall I mention, the outskirts of it. Plan is a 20 minutes airboat. We took it the slow way in the Bayou near New Orleans....but here, it's just the fun ride! The ride is actually pretty cheap. I did it years ago, but this is a first in such freezing temperature. We are well equipped...let's go...and five minutes in the ride, we did spot our first alligator. Next, we had some nice birds encounters, some more alligators....and it was back in the warm of the car!

No trip to the States is completed without some shopping. I never made it before to the Sawgrass outlets. This is second to Woodbury in New York....but here, they even have a La Martina yes, we went shopping, and we'll be back!

That night was spent next to the Miami morning, was our flight to Montego Bay in Jamaica....than 4 days later...we were back to Miami International Airport! This time, the weather is way more on our is way warmer! On our next stay....we are staying three nights in Miami. I did get the budget organized! First night by the airport...second night in South Beach...third night by the airport again. Point to note, while in Miami airport, if you want to reach South Beach, they have regular direct buses, for as little as 4.5usd return ticket....great deal!

I must have visited 10 times South Beach! I love to "visit" the place, but I will never spend a week or even 3 days on holidays here. I love the place for the architecture...for the show of people...and I even play years ago the local golf course! Put it simply, it's a big show around here!

We are staying at the Royal Palm hotel. I'm not really paying for our night...The upgrade should be nice, but it's just average. Put it simply, the location is the key, you don't stay here for the service.

Point to note, we ventured south of Lincoln as I never did it before. The Cuban sandwiches at Las Olas on 6th Street are not only cheap, they are sumptuous! We didn't go around the fancy bars for a 22usd gin&tonic, did this...but rather enjoyed the view and small balcony of our hotel...with some more serious bubbles!

Tanya has now seen South Beach....I guess next time around I need to bring her to Key West.....not that I love Key West...but the drive to that place is just another amazing one....some day, soon or later!

Next morning, after a short sleep next to Miami airport....we were ready for our next Air France flight...with obviously more bubbles....more to come...very soon!!

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4th February 2018

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