Florida Disneyworld review

Published: June 8th 2014
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I could spend all day writing about all the things there is to do at the Disney world Florida parks but I will keep it as brief as possible. The main Disney park is fantastic and fun for everyone no matter what age. Family rides, kids rides and adult roller coasters mean that the park caters for everyone. The Disney parade brings out the child in everyone and I think it is on twice a day but definitely worth taking timeout of your no doubt hectic schedule to watch! The fast passes are very useful and we found that we got so much more done with them. Disney really had a great idea of introducing fast passes and it makes the queues much more tolerable. The weather in Florida is nearly always fantastic but with this comes its disadvantages. The heat during the middle of the day makes doing anything especially queuing for rides horrible. Disney have addressed this by adding fans to the queues but it's still very humid. I would suggest taking time out midday to either eat or plan something indoors to avoid the heat. Finally the food at Disney gets a bit repetitive. Despite there being many food outlets the quality is low and it is all mainly fast food unfortunately. After a few days in the parks you get bored of the same fast food. Apart from the few negatives, Disney is brilliant. All the shows are well rehearsed and of a very high quality, I could recommend so many but the stunt show was a highlight in my opinion. Disney World is a must do for anyone of any age.


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