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May 4th 2020
Published: May 4th 2020
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Shhhhhhhh. What can we say? Nothing! The question of the day is “what’s new”? Answer: nothing. The next question of the day is “what are you going to do today”? Answer: nothing. Last question of the day is “what did you do today”? Answer: nothing. Nothing, nada, nil, zip, zero, zilch, naught, diddly-squat. That’s our daily agenda. That’s what fills our dance card. Nothing! Blank. I’m sure most of you find all these “do nothing” days boring and frustrating. Cory does. Me.....not so much. To be honest....and I always am....I’m kind of liking it! I’m content to watch TV, play on my iPad, sit outside and enjoy our surroundings and most of all....write this blog. It’s said “Nothing is Impossible”....guess what? Nothing is Possible! But don’t get me wrong....I truly hope and pray this all consuming pandemic and it’s horrendous effects come to an end soon. This is not good for any of us nor our country.....we need to be well and strong and productive again...quickly.

Wait a minute. Something was happening in the park. Before Carolyn and Bill left here for their home in Virginia, they provided our mundane, quiet, do-nothing days a bit of entertainment. Remember my previous blog which showed you the removal of their old RV refrigerator? Well, today’s highlight focuses on the installation of their new residential refrigerator. The neighborhood gathered around their site for this grand event. Finally, something to do....something to watch. Carolyn did a countdown for us as to the timing of the delivery truck’s arrival. We all waited with baited breath. Eventually the truck was allowed to enter our park. Security is supreme here. It’s like trying to get into Fort Knox. You almost have to give away your first-born to enter upon the premises. That’s good, though. We feel secure and safe. Measurements had been taken of their entry door as well as the refrigerator. It was going to be a close squeeze. Fingers crossed as the two servicemen carried the new refrigeration unit up to the doorway. Will it or won’t it? The bets were placed. The anticipation swelled. Eyes were glued upon the orifice that their new appliance had to pass through. Gingerly, the two delivery men hoisted the refrigerator up towards to open doorway. Ooze.....it went through smoothly. With no room to spare, it went inside where it was supposed to go. Hallelujah! Ahhh....the fun and excitement at Tropical Palms. Just like watching paint dry.....can it get any better?

Yes....it can.

We did have a rare adventure day when we left the confines of our RV fort. Sandy returned to her doctor for another cortisone shot in her injured shoulder. Fingers crossed it helps her. While we were on this outing, we spun around to see if we could get lunch at Bar Harbor. They always and only have outdoor seating. Should be doable. Nope! No lunch for us!! No.1, it was closed. Found out it is closed on Tuesday and Thursday and this was a Tuesday. No. 2, all their outdoor picnic tables were gone. A sad sight to see. We so enjoyed our visits here. Their trucks were all lined up but with no place to go (they deliver the seafood for all the area restaurants and you know that story). We licked our wounds and moved on.

Of course, the highlight of the day was our visit to Walmart....my favorite store, ‘member? We put on our masks and gloves and followed the barricaded pathway to the entrance. Yahoo! Who would have thought we would be garbed like robbers when going to my Mecca! Steve, the greeter, was still there welcoming us in. Even with his mask on, we knew it was Steve! He’s one of a kind. My list was quite lengthy because our frequent visits have been brought to a standstill due to this virus. A definite downside to this “Stay at Home” order....a list as long as a yardstick. It was like a Christmas shopping day but just for food and other necessities. I didn’t care. I was back in my beloved surroundings. I found myself doing a little toe tapping as we pranced down the aisles. I felt revived and full of life. Yippee ki yo ki yay! This was a happy day! But with all good things, it came to an end and we eventually returned to our familiar place of lockdown. C’est la vie.

Come on.....move it! Let’s not allow bedsores to form on our derrières. We have to move around somewhat so blood clots won’t form. I can feel my blood rushing through my vessels as we make our way from our lawn chairs to our golf cart. Good to go! Cory points us in the direction of Old Town. It’s supposed to start re-opening soon. I bet it won’t become busy like normal for quite awhile but it will allow for a beginning anyway. Step by step...day by day. I have to check on the foot feeding fish up at Old Town. Remember the tour we took together when I showed you the new foot spa that may open.....someday....maybe. Remember the tanks where you will be dipping your feet in so these hungry aquatic nibblers can feast upon your dead skin.....’member all this? If not.....go back to my previous blog titled “The Tour Continues....Happy Easter” and refresh your memory. And be sure to click on the second page because I posted many, many photos and the foot fetish photos are on the second page of pictures. Just do it so you can relate to what I’m prattling about. Okay....so now we are back up at this toe tickling spa which obviously is still closed. My greatest fear and concern has been....what about the fish? Who is feeding these miniature marauders? How can they survive without paying customers with scaly feet? Cory had checked on them on one of his many exercise walks. He said some were alive but thought others were now in fish heaven. I knew it! I just knew I should have called the S.P.C.A.! Now I could see for myself. With fearful eyes, I pressed my face to the store window. Would death show its darkened mask back at me? The furnishings remained in the same disarray. I moved my eyes to the empty chairs and tanks lining both walls. LOOK! Can you see what I see (🎼🎼another song?)? The water filled tanks looked clear and glistening. Their was activity in each one of them. The water rippled. The fish were alive, bountiful and frisky.....darting all around their glass enclosures. They were ALIVE! Hallelujah! Neptune would rejoice. Somehow they have been nourished and replicated themselves. The tanks were full and flourishing. Oh, thank you God for saving your teeny creatures. Whew! Now we can all rest easy not fretting about these flesh eating mongrels. Of course, the grand opening of this unique spa is undetermined.....could be years for all that we know. I don’t even want to go there thinking of what may be the end result of these helpless minnows. God be with them.

All this concern and stress did not interfere with our appetites. Nothing is altering the desire for nourishment. If anything, it has only increased immensely. Even though there is nothing really to do....eating is not included in that scenario. We do it all day....eat, eat, eat. It has almost become an involuntarily action ...just like blinking. You can’t control it. I’m kind of glad the swimming pool is closed. There is no way I would try to squeeze my enlarged body into a bathing suit and take a dip. Sea world would be notified that Orca had escaped and was floating around in the pool at Tropical Palms. Ewwww....the picture I paint makes me nauseous. I can’t unsee it now.

But more to my point.....sorry, I do get sidetracked. Cory revved up our quiet little cart and sped over to the drive-thru at Checkers. Oh, yummers! I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream! Such a cooling refreshment on such a hot, sticky day. Slurp! Our little jaunts make for special moments in our daily life nowadays. Blog material as I say. Hope you are finding pleasure in them, too. I know they don’t compare to going to the Webster Flea Market, Solomon’s Castle, the Hard Rock Casino....but it’s the best we can do for now. The alternative is doing NOTHING!

It’s May and I told you what that meant. Lovebugs! Yes, disgusting lovebugs! They unwelcomingly (my word) join us as we gather with our friends for the morning coffee clatch. We bat and swat at them as their perform their mating ritual while swarming around us. Yick! Get outta our tented cloister, you atrocious arthropods. The worse happened. Karma. As I hollered at these defiant devils, one mating pair took landing on my mouth! YES! On my mouth! How bad is that? BAD! Very bad! My quick reflexes allowed me to pummel them into the next world.....all while sputtering and spitting. I was lucky. Had my little mouth been opened wider, I would have been having “lovebug lunch”! Ewwwwwww. I hate these dastardly critters. One plus for wearing masks — lovebugs can’t fly in your mouth!

This is enough. Have you had enough? Hey...stop that nodding and cheering. Let’s resume our previous status for now.....doing nothing! If that changes, we’ll let you know. See you then...whenever that may be. Masks on! Follow Lulu’s example. Protect yourselves from the despicable lovebugs.

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