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December 25th 2019
Published: December 25th 2019
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Merry, Merry Christmas Everyone. We wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

This special blog will keep you busy for awhile. Warning, Warning! Plan your time well. May as well snuggle up in your comfy PeeWee Herman chair, slurp on your yummy hot chocolate and take a long, winter’s nap to prepare your eyes for this doozy. It’s a biggy! A double biggy! Hey.....I can hear you fussing already. Think about it....I’m trying to cover 11 days in one blog. This is not going to be easy trying to keep the chit-chat to a minimum. The photos might get the best of you. I have pretty much created a full Travel/Christmas album. There are MANY (46) for you to peruse so be sure to scroll to the very bottom and then start moving from one page to another. You are going to have a lot to do to survive this novel! You can do it....we know you can. We know you can, We know you can!!

I’m sure most of you know that Cory, myself and Lulu headed back “home” for the Christmas holiday. Actually, many of you came right along with us in our black sleigh. Wonderful to have you onboard. We left sunny Tropical Palms on December 15th. Lulu was excited. She had found her special Santa Claus and he agreed she had been somewhat good this year. we all know, she had some sessions when she showed her negative, naughty side. Because of her limitations.....she’s a hard gal for Santa to give many gifts to. We’ll have to wait and see what she gets this year. How can she hold a lump of coal? hands!

Our first night North, we stopped in Florence, S.C. Ate at a Cracker Barrel. Love this restaurant! Temperature beginning to cool down.

Our second night, we stopped in Winchester, VA. Ate a Cracker Barrel, again. Love this restaurant! Weather deteriorating: Cloudy, Cold, Freezing rain.

Our third day, we arrived in NY. COLD with frigid temperatures and snowing! Plan was to stay at our son, Cory’s, house. He was on a business trip.....would return the next day. He lives in a beautiful house between Corning and Bath, NY.....up on a God forsaken, horrible, stupid 4 mile hill! With careful and skillful driving, Cory drove our car to the top of this “#$xx£§[>#@“ hill only to find his driveway completely snowed in. Jeeeze! No room in the manger for us! Lulu so wanted to sleep in the hay! We slid down the nasty hill and spent our night at a Hampton Inn near Corning. Lulu was loving all this excitement. I had to stuff my mitten in her mouth to stifle her.

On our fourth day, we left Corning and drove to our “home”....our Shongo. Temperature was freezing and snow on the ground. Our plan was to get Cory’s (aka Bucky) truck so we could get back to our son’s snowy abode. First, we stopped at the Air Preheater Co. (where Cory worked for 40 years). We saw our daughter, Lory (wonderful to see her), who works there now as does our grandson, Alan (wonderful to see him). We ate lunch at our favorite and famous place: The Texas Hot! We finally made our way to Shongo & our polebarn. We left our grimy, black sleigh in the barn. Our son-in-law, Jay, stopped when he saw us there. Wonderful to see him! Our old, previous house looked pretty much the same. They put a gas stove in our wood burning fireplace. Had a Montreal garage set up in the back yard. For a moment, it was bittersweet looking at “their” house!

Now we were back on the snowy roads returning to our son’s “Woeful Winter Wonderland”. He had called a friend to plow his driveway. Easy peasy getting into it now with the truck after climbing that horrific, blowing blizzard covered mountain! Even his property was a complete white-out, wipe-out blizzard but Cory’s truck weathered it well. Whew! We unloaded our stuff into his house and waited for his return that evening. It was wonderful to see Cory when he came through his door @ 8:30 pm.

Thursday, Dec.19th. Cory had to go in to work for a few hours. We watched the temperature drop and the wind blow. Later, Old Cory drove the three of us to the airport in Rochester, NY. Cory’s daughter, Rachael, was flying in from Alabama. It was wonderful to see her! We ate supper at Applebee’s in Geneseo, NY. Arrived back at the North Pole @5:30 pm. We enjoyed our stay at Cory’s lovely home in it’s challenging surroundings. The bed we slept in had our old headboard on there’s some memories not be shared.

Friday, Dec. 20th, we left Snow Mountain and drove to our daughter, Lory’s, house to stay the remainder of our trip. She lives outside of Wellsville, NY in a small town called Scio. We headed back to our “polebarn house” to switch the truck back to our car. No more Glaciers to travel over. Sara, our granddaughter, was wonderful to see her. Lory arrived after her work was done. Jay was busy so Lory, Sara, the two of us met up with Rachael, Cory and his girlfriend, was so wonderful to see her. We all ate dinner at the prime eating restaurant in WellsiIle where everybody knows your name: The Beef Haus.

Obviously, my meager words can never describe Lory & Jay’s home at Christmas! The many, many, many photos will give you just a brief tour! It is exactly like being in a huge Christmas Gift Shop....double time. If you can’t get in the Holiday spirit never will! Talk about being in a Christmas Fantasy Land. Even Santa’s elves couldn’t make this much for all the good children in the world. Lulu couldn’t believe her eyes. She fell over in the middle of it. My eyes were darting and burning out the entire time! You need to be there to really absorb it all.....if you have the strength. Takes her 2 weeks to display these millions of snowman, Santa’s, “anything Christmas” decorations. Her one tree is covered with only snowmen. The other tree is covered only with cows!....another one of her collections. Where, Oh,God....did she get this addiction? never saw our house did you? Why did we ever expose her to it? First, you may think she is a hoarder but look closely.....everything is in its place....they all have a theme....and everything is immaculate! She is just an out of control collector caused by being our daughter! Whew.....I’m exhausted looking at it all! Our bedroom where we stayed in their house was special. It had many of my old toys as well as my mother’s original highchair and old, wooden rocking much, much more. Cory said he felt like he was sleeping in Toy Story’s bedroom.....waiting for all the toys to come to life. I so wish you could have been there. It would stay as a burnt in memory, for sure.

Saturday, Dec.21st, Cory went with Jay to his coffee clatch at the local grocery store. I made my macaroni salad for the grand spread that was to be offered tomorrow at the Knapp house (Lory & Jay’s). We watched the Buffalo Bill’s loose to the Patriots.....sniff, sob!

Sunday, December 22nd.....the Big Day. Our early Christmas celebration with all our family. They began arriving @ 12:30 pm. Tim & Conner. Kim, Jim, Haley & Travis, Alan & Brittany, Ryan & Amber and Cory, Penny & Rachael. It was so wonderful to see and be with them all. We are so blessed to have such a marvelous family. We love them all! And to be able to be with them again.....our cherished Christmas gift! Lulu was in her glory....taking center field in the family photo. She wants to be a centerfold gal! Lory planned a couple fun games. One was a dice game with gift cards....lots of fun. The other was a giant ball of Saran Wrap that she had many, nice little gifts tucked inside its multiple, mega layers. That was a fun one, too. Their meal was scrumptious and unending. They served Beef on Weck.....everyone’s favorite. All sorts of snacky foods, my macaroni salad and desserts galore. I almost outgrew my new, snowman sweatshirt in one day. Lory displayed her Ugly Sweater and let me try it on, too. Talk about being naughty! We opened presents. We gave most all of the girls plaid ponchos. Lory got a fluffy, blue top...more her style. We got a super soft Hudson Bay throw that I used for my wrap in the photo. Special note: Cory had an original Hudson Bay blanket when he was growing up. It was such a fabulous day being together with our our son, Cory, says “Making a Memory.” A beloved and cherished one, for sure!

Dec. 23rd, Monday. Had to say our good-byes and head home to our RV. Not easy to do. Weather and roads were clear and sunny. Stopped in Sunbury, PA. to visit a mega thrift store. All you thrifters out would have been mighty impressed. It was huge, packed, immaculate, organized with airplane runway size aisles. Anyone with OCD would drop to their knees. All clothing was color coded as well as all bric-a-brac. Amazing. This turned out to be a rather high-end thrift store....pricey. I bought one room for anything else. Rats. Lots more I could have bought! Spent over an hour in this shopping Mecca. We stopped for the night at Harrisonburg, VA. Ate at another Cracker Barrel. Love this restaurant!

December 24th.....Merry Christmas Eve! Weather and roads are perfect. Sun is bright......too bright. Sunglasses insufficient. Finally came up with a couple solutions. They work. I have also positioned my seat so high that I am liked a parrot perched level with the dash......trying to utilize the sun visor at its fullest. Not so good! Forgive me for ever complaining about the sunshine! Shedded our winter coats, hats & mittens. Even used the A/C in South Carolina. Beginning to remind us of home at Tropical Palms. Lulu is fussing cause she feels hot, too. She always wanted to be “hot stuff” so what’s the whining about, girlie?

MERRY CHRISTMAS Everyone! December 25, 2019. We hope each of you got every wish to come true on this loving and precious day. Your loyal friendship is your gift to us which we cherish dearly. Our gift to you is our devoted friendship and our adventurous and chatty TravelBlogs!

We stayed last night in a Country Inn & Suites in Brunswick, Georgia. Ate at a Cheddars. Air conditioner on high! Freezing in the south??Whhhhhy? Wore my winter jacket, hat, scarf and mittens,again. Yes, Toto, this is really the south!

Our goal today is to land our sleigh at Tropical Palms later today. Santa has already beat us. That jolly old fellow, himself! He gets up much earlier than we would even consider.

Ran into some rain below St. Augustine. Temperature is a balmy 67’. We’ll take it for sure!

I’ll end this massive novel at this point.

See I told you you could do it! I warned you about it so please no back talk. It wasn’t easy, I know, but you accomplished this agonizing test and survived it. How are your eyes? All blurry and sore? Rest them for awhile’ll be okay. We do appreciate your diehard devotedness....thank you, kind people.

The next time we gather together will probably be in a year!! Ha, Ha, Ho, Ho. The year of 2020. Happy New Year to each one of you! Lulu now is singing to you “Auld Lang Syne” in her best, melodious voice. Can you hear her now??

P.S. We arrived at our RV house in Tropical Palms at 1:15pm. Yippee! It was an uneventful trip down here which we are always grateful. Our welcoming crowd consisted of our dear friends, Sam & Sandy. We chatted in the windy but warm weather outside our RV. I have to brush up my nursing skills because we have a new patient...Sandy! Yep....Sandy. She fell and has some arm injuries that will require more attention once the holidays pass and the doctors can get her in to see them. She’s a brave lady but we are determined not to let her suffer alone. Sam has been her nurse up until now and has done a very fine job. He won’t keep his nurses cap on straight though. Nurse Lulu has sterilized herself to take over as Sandy’s private duty nurse. She will be well cared for....whether she wants it or not. We need the New Year to come quickly with joy, love and healing.

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26th December 2019

Christmas trip
So glad you had a safe trip up and back! I bet seeing family warmed your spite of the cold and snowy temps!! Best wishes for a great 2020! (I remember, as a kid, that 2020 seemed SO FAR IN THE FUTURE! And now it's here! WOW Lots of hugs Jo
26th December 2019

Thank you, Jo
We appreciate your kind words and good wishes. Our daughter, Lory, turns 55 in 2 days. I said to her she was getting old but then said that Cory and I are really old now....fortunately age is more than just a number. Happy New Year to you and John and your family.
26th December 2019

Great pictures
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to both of you...Enjoyed the Blog and as always the pictures were great memories for sure,,,Joe and Linda
27th December 2019

Thank you, Linda
And Happy New Year to you and Joe!
29th December 2019
To each one of you......

Sandy... this was a wonderful read.....enjoyed all of it... Hope the New Year will brings lots of good things to you ..... enjoy the warmth while we freeze... Hugs to you ....
29th December 2019
To each one of you......

Thank you are sooooooo sweet! We wish and you deserve the Happiest New Year ever!

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