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March 8th 2019
Published: March 9th 2019
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Howdy, Howdy, Howdy! Hope your days are going along smoothly. Ours have had a couple little bumps in them but nothing serious. Of course, I’ll share all the details with you. I can hear you licking your lips. Lulu would be rubbing her hands together....IF she had some!

Kim & Jim came over this past Sunday. We decided to walk up to Old Town and have their pizza special at Frogger’s. Actually, we even saw a deceased frog on the sidewalk as we trudged along. Ewwww. Hardly anyone in Frogger’s so we opted out and went next door to Flippers for their pizza. Good choice- good pizza plus I had a coupon for free breadsticks. Coupons are good!! It was fun. Old Town was busy because it was a Latino night. Loud and festive music was heard throughout. Diversión, diversión, diversión en el casco antiguo esta noche.

Cory had his post-op eye visit with his doctor on Monday. This time we drove back over to the area where he had his surgery (Davenport) because the doctor was in his office over there rather than in Celebration (traveling the horrific I-4). Fortunately, Cory was driving both ways...whew! Dr.Hanzlik has another
Frogger’s Frogger’s Frogger’s

Deceased frog
doctor that rotates with him but our preference is to stay just with him. He was pleased with Cory’s eye, actually both of them. He can see....he can see! Hallelujah! Cory worked on the doctor to give him less restrictions than what is ordered on his discharge instructions. The doctor took the middle of the road to satisfy Cory as well as myself. We hope we don’t have to go back to this office (we will only if we have to!). Cory’s appointment was at 1:15 pm. We always arrive early. At 2:15, Cory questioned the receptionist about his time & appointment. She just said the doctor was running behind. Blah! Blah! We know he is always a little behind but.....not this much. We watched as other patients came in, went back to see the doctor and LEAVE! All as we still sat, squirming in our seats and tapping our toes, in the waiting room! We knew something was wrong. Very wrong! Eventually, Cory was called to the back where we sat forever in the hallway. I spoke to the guy who sat next to us...he had a 2:00 appointment and saw the doctor and left before Cory ever saw the doctor. Finally, at 3:20 pm, the doctor saw Cory. Yes....over 2 hours of wait time! Yawn & #@%(“+=#! We are sure the receptionist slug put his chart at the bottom of the pile and put everyone else on top of it! Thankfully, we are retired and have spare time to just hang around. We prefer if it’s a little more festive, though. If Lulu had been with us, she would have made a real stink! She would have fired the slug and assumed her position as receptionist. But she would have difficulty doing most of the job. Answering the phone would have been a major challenge. Everything else would have been downhill from there but she would have made sure Cory got in at the right time. She’s a fine & helpful head!

The other day, we drove to the Apple Store at the Florida Mall. WOW!! The store is huge and it was swamped with people. The greeter said it is always like this cause folks from foreign countries can’t get Apple products as cheaply in their countries as in the USA. Jeeeze. I just needed a new charging cable so we were in and out promptly. I’m sooooo disappointed that they are no longer going to make any more versions of my IPad mini. Rats and boo-hoo. My life revolves around my mini. While in the area, we went to Costco’s. Another favorite place! Topped it off by eating at Bar Harbor.....Ooooo, their lobster roll is the best! Cory ate their shrimp dinner. Yum-Yum. It was nippy so we ended up eating in our car. Dining by Auto....just no roller skating waitress.

We miss our co-partners not being with us. First Sam was under the weather....then Sandy joined him. Lulu offered to nurse them back to good health. She knows her calling. Hallelujah....they are both feeling better now and have come out of their motor home and back into the light.

On Wednesday, Kim & Jim came over and we checked our adventure list of things to do. We chose the SunRail train ride and took it to Winter Park. Clickity’s a very quiet, smooth ride. Winter Park is a very nice, quaint town. Their Main St. is an easy walk from the train station. We wandered along the sidewalks, window shopping and stopping at a few. Cory found a soda pop he could love....Butter Soda (obviously he LOVES butter)....ewwww...hurl! We ended up eating at Burger Fi.....tasty. No butter soda served here. All aboard! We road the iron horse back to our departure station (Tupperware) where we started this journey. Choo-Choo!

Continuing with our medical “vacation”, Cory went to see a dermatologist. He said he had a spot on his back that irritated and bothered him. He wanted me to cut it off. Nope...that wasn’t going to happen unless one of you wanted to volunteer. This time, Lulu was glad she had no hands. The spot looked small and harmless but he wanted it off. I made an appointment with a dermatologist I had gone to a couple years back. He was terrific. Dr.Goodless is his name and he’s located in the Celebration medical building that we go to for our eye doctor. In the time between this appointment, Cory felt the spot had fallen matter....we were still going. I figured the doctor would have a “free for all” once he saw his back. He has many little bumps and spots on it from years of sunning himself. You play, you pay as I certainly found out. He looked at his back ..... agreed the spot was gone and all the rest was just “junk”. Whaaaaat? How can that be? So much for his back, he was more interested in his face. He froze 4 spots off and took biopsies of 2 other spots. We should hear the results of them in 1-2 weeks so I’m sure we’ll be going back. Lulu is glad that the only thing that happens to her skin is dirt & grim. Our dance card is getting so full....all with various doctors.

Speaking of doctors, I have just made an appointment with an orthopedic doctor for myself. My left knee has been a problem for many years: arthritis that I take Celebrex for. ( I hate ending a sentence with a preposition). Weeks back, my right knee twisted out of joint and I have struggled and suffered with it ever since. I deal very poorly with pain so I am yelping a lot with it! None of it is pretty. Lulu is happy she has no knees. I’m hoping he just starts me out with cortisone shots....even though I dread shots. I make a very poor patient. But, I’m crippled and desperate now. Limp, limp, limp, OWWWW! Because Cory has had eye surgery, he can’t lift anything heavy......that rules me out. He can’t pick me up or carry me because I’m classified beyond a heavy status. He can’t even drag me. Rats! I’m keeping my eye on Sam’s scooter.....hoping he leaves the key in it and I can sneak over and “borrow” it! But he would probably notice it was gone. Rats!

Enough medical talk for now.

Yesterday, Cory & Jim played golf at Falcon’s Fire (close to where we live). They like that course a lot. The eye doctor had told Cory he could play golf one week after his surgery. So there he was, one week and one day post-op hitting his ball all around. This is the first chance he has had to play golf so it was a special day.....especially because he was playing with Jim, too. In the evening, we decided to go to the “trough” (Golden Corral) for supper. There is one over near the timeshare condo so we went there. Wow! We were so lucky with our timing. Just after getting our table, 4 travel busses pulled in with over 200 students on board. We ran with our plates to get our food before this crowd came in. Yummy as always.....too much as always! Even saying the word “food” made us nauseous. The high school students descended en masse. The manager had no knowledge they were coming. He was running around like a wild animal trying to meet everyone’s needs. They put the kids in all the side rooms plus roping off most of the main dining room. I asked a couple of them where they were from, etc. They said they were a marching band from a high school in Missouri. Even with the humongous group that was there, they said not all of the members were able to join them. WOW! They said they were playing in Orlando. Disneyworld? I don’t know. We were so glad we got our food before them...just the lines alone almost wound out the door. The kids came away with highly filled plates so must be the cooks were preparing the food lightening fast. Lulu was glad she couldn’t cook when I told her all about it.

We went back to their condo....nice as always. Time passed quickly so I got to watch The Big Band Theory and
Jim & Kim waiting for the trainJim & Kim waiting for the trainJim & Kim waiting for the train

Kim & Cory on the train
Young Sheldon there. I’m still in agony knowing that TBBT is in its last season. I love that know that. The Young Sheldon Show will help me get through it a little but not completely. I’m probably going to have to add another doctor to our dance card.....a psychiatrist . It’s not going to go well.....I already know that!

Today, Kim & Jim had to check out of their condo. They came over to our RV to wait until their flight home back to Rochester, NY. We are going to miss them! Sam & Sandy came over as did their daughter, Sherri, and son-in-law, Marco. Good to see them again. Kim took advantage of the last moments of sun.....even though she could look at her scarred and wounded father. I try to tell them not to be in the sun but they don’t listen to me. Of course, I didn’t heed that warning and now I get spots lobbed off every time I go to the dermatologist. Owwwwww! Live and learn but sometimes it’s too late!

But it’s not too late for all of us to continue on with our excursions. Of course, they have to fall in between our doctor visits. Remember, we don’t consider ourselves sick but, hey.....what’s the deal with all these sick calls? Fortunately, so far, all these doctors are under one roof and close by in Celebration. We would rather be going to Disneyworld which we will be doing very soon. So get your walking shoes warmed up. You are going to need them. See you then.

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Dining at Burger Fi Dining at Burger Fi
Dining at Burger Fi

Great onion rings

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