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March 2nd 2019
Published: March 3rd 2019
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Busy, Busy, Busy! Yes, we just had a very busy week. Hope you were able to keep with us. When I took role call, most of you responded. For those of you who didn’t, Lulu called out your name for you so you wouldn’t get any red check marks. What a doll she is!

We began the week with Cory’s last Cataract surgery. It was a Deja Vu experience. Same place, same Doctor, same surgery.....same o’, same o’. Cory did just fine....just like the first time. Whew! I snapped a photo of his doctor when he was checking on Cory. Dr. Hanzlik’s eyes are closed and that’s because he does so many of these surgeries, he can do them with his eyes shut. That’s the kind of doctor you want! So we are back to the eye drops four times/day. We are also back to me “sweetly & gently” reminding Cory “DON’T BEND OVER & DON’T LIFT HEAVY ITEMS!” I reported him to the doctor when we saw him and he said he would put the Mafia out for him plus he had to listen to me. Oh, thank you, Doctor! You are the best! One other thing that was also the same was that I was again the designated driver to get us home.....on the same horrific expressway. Oh, noooooooo. I think I did kind of...pretty well. Traffic was flowing faster than I preferred but soon it got all clogged up so I could drive 20 mph. I like that better than going 60 mph. I had to merge over and thought this big semi truck was letting me in.....Wrong! He just blasted his big, loud horn and nearly scared me to death. I swerved back where I was: all shaky. I sped up and eventually got over with no issue. I have to admit, I was so glad when we reached our RV. I fell to the ground and kissed it like the Pope.

The next day was my turn to see this eye doctor. We seem to be spending a lot of time with doctors and we aren’t even sick! Imagine what they would say if they saw Lulu with all her issues and limitations. Scar tissue had formed over my left eye since my cataract surgery last year. He used his laser to remove the scar tissue in his office. I thought he would do like one big zap and that would be it.....nope! He said I would hear clicking. Yep! Lots of clicking.......while he went back and forth across my eye many times. NO pain....whew.....that was great! Just loud clicking! He said my other eye was fine. He said after this procedure I would notice floaters. Right he was! I keep thinking there are some bugs flitting around me so I am swatting at nothing....they are just the floaters.

On the same day that Cory had his surgery (Feb.27th), our daughter, Kim, and son-in-law, Jim arrived here in Florida for their vacation. Because of the weather up North, they had to do deal with cancellations and re-routing before they arrived here late at night. They have a timeshare condo just like ours: Marriotts Cypress Harbour located near SeaWorld. They came over to see us the next day. Great being with them again. Last time we were together was Dec.23rd. We went to the Ale House for dinner. It was packed but we chatted the whole time so we didn’t mind it. The next day, we all went to Disney Springs to check it out. They have done so many changes there, each time you go....you see something new. Not new but still the best, we ate at the Earl of Sandwich. Can you guess what I had? Yep.....that was an easy one. I always get their “to die for” tuna melt.....it never disappoints. It is the best! Lulu had to try some of it, of course. Pig girl! We went into the huge Coca Cola building and downed some Coke Floats....yum! As we were leaving, Jim noted the family behind us who had a stuffed chicken poking its head out of their knapsack. Coool! The woman was taking a photo of their chicken.....just like I do with Lulu. As I passed their table, Lulu jumped from my hands and landed right next to their chicken. She found another soul mate....she’s so brazen. I didn’t know she had a fondness for chickens...until now. The family laughed and each of them began taking pictures of this unlikely duo....as did I, too. Of course they wanted Lulu’s history which I am always glad to share. She really can’t speak for herself, you know. The one man was so excited to get to know Miss Lulu better. He said his job was for Disney and he did a podcast for them. I had to admit I didn’t know what a podcast is. He did a selfie of Lovely Lulu, me and himself. He said he was going to use her on his podcast and share her narrative with his audience. Do I need to say more? Lulu was jumping up and down like she was on a pogo stick (best she could with her limitations). How many times have I mentioned that her dream is to become a famous star? Her day has arrived. She’s already picking out a short dress (appropriate for her size) for when she attends the next awards ceremony. I think if she could have wet herself (no kidneys), she would have...she was so beyond excitement and glee. She insists that we all walk a few feet behind her as she rolls along like royalty. She is trying to figure out how to sign autographs with her limitation (no arms or hands). She has started practicing using a pen in her mouth. So far, her autograph looks like this:~~…L…¥£.,,__§. Just stay tuned for the next episode of her wild way to stardom. Already we have found her a bit obnoxious.

We moseyed through this fun-filled park. The weather was perfect and the crowd was minimal. We went in a new restaurant: The Edison. It had a theme of being an old power plant. It was very, very nice. Star Lulu liked it a lot. Her taste has become top of the line now...only the best for her....she says. Hah!

Today, Kim & Jim went to Cocoa Beach. They had a great day for it.....Hot Sunshine!

Sam & Sandy have both been under the weather for several days. They have stayed shut up in the RV like leper’s. Finally, they are feeling better and have come out in the real world again. Yeah! We went to the Ale House for lunch. Stopped at Publix for lottery tickets. Rode through the mega Margaritaville that is still under construction. This time we toured their humongous hotel which is open to the public now. We were greeted by a drumming musician and one, very, tall greeter. We used their valet service. Oh, my......this hotel is beyond being just breathtaking. It is super gorgeous. The lobby is totally awesome. From the ceiling, hanging upside down, are hundreds of margarita glasses of various sizes and lighting. We wandered through a couple of their enticing restaurants and bars. Cory bought me a top in their store. We made our way out to two of their gigantic pools. There are other pools in different areas. The pools were so tempting. Sam could have driven his scooter right into them because they had such a perfect slope. We rested at one of the tables near the pool’s snack bar. Musicians play throughout. Not sure what it costs to stay here but I know you won’t find any coupons for it in the tourist guides. The homes that people are buying here start at $150K for a small one and go up and above $350K for the larger ones. The man didn’t know the monthly HOA fees. You know that would be mega bucks. We topped our day off with ice cream from Baskin Robbins.....delish!

Cory & Sam are like energizer bunnies.....they just keep going and going and going. No me! I need to rest after these full and busy days. Anyway, the guys walked up to the big car show at Old Town tonight. It’s held every Saturday night and draws a monster sized crowd. Me, I’ve seen
Disney Springs - Coca Cola BuildingDisney Springs - Coca Cola BuildingDisney Springs - Coca Cola Building

At the Boat House...no more couches to relax on
it once....so I’ve seen it all. Cory took a picture of Sam and his son-in-law, Marco. Look what Sam put away....a huge bottle of beer. He’ll sleep well tonight! It a big change from his hot water & lemon. He probably figures the alcohol will kill off any lingering bug he might still have. He’s well and clean now! As he says: “I look like the kind of guy who has a bottle of beer in my hand.” (he got that from Charles Bronson).

Fini! We are done for now. More will come. Stay with us. We need all of you to make the festivities more festive! (My words). Lulu is doing the “Queen Wave” to all of you. This stardom is going to make her impossible to deal with. She was already a diva.....

Another Big Photo Gallery....34 photos. Check all of them out. 🤩

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Welcome to the Margaritaville HotelWelcome to the Margaritaville Hotel
Welcome to the Margaritaville Hotel

Sam tried to pull his pants down!

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