An Early Birthday Celebration for Sweet Sam

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November 19th 2018
Published: November 27th 2018
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The day started out much like every other day here in Sunshine Land. The growing “group” gathered for morning coffee in the game room. Life’s problems were solved. The sky was a beautiful, solid blue. Not a cloud in the sky. At home in New York, we call them “a Florida Sky”.

Once we all went our separate ways, Sam usually asks “Well, what are we going to do today?” We never have a quick answer. We tend to just go with the flow with the first thing that comes to mind. But today, Cory and I had a little plan. Sam’s birthday is coming up soon. Because we are heading home for the holidays, we won’t be here to help he and Sandy celebrate this big-time special day. We needed to have a pre-party for him. We rambled back to our RV’s. Still nothing being suggested. Cory disappeared for a moment and returned with a few, small, birthday gifts we had bought for Sam. He seemed delighted. Of course, we could give him cat litter and he would still be gracious in his acceptance. That’s just sweet Sam.

Now what? He deserves a bigger celebration than this. Where do you want to eat, Sam? He said he didn’t care. Sam know what he likes and what he doesn’t like. We know his preferences, too. How about Cherry Pocket, Sam? He thought that was a great idea.

I think the majority of you remember this unique and rustic restaurant. We’ve gone here many times over the years. Great food and better atmosphere....that is if you like rough & rugged. It’s an old fish camp outside of Haines City. It’s a one of a kind have to see it to believe it. You must have a GPS to find it. Lulu loves it and loves the manager, Linda. Each time we go, Lulu always gets a picture with Linda. Linda uses them a her screen saver. Lulu feels mighty important because of that.

Since we were here at lunchtime, there was no wait for seating. Lots of room.

Lulu was anxious to see her friend, Linda. We looked around and didn’t see her. We asked our waitress. Bad news....Linda had died Halloween night. She went to sleep and never woke up. Whaat? We were shocked and saddened. Lulu wailed and collapsed (her head tipped over). Cherry Pocket will never be quite the same without Linda. R.I.P. Dear Linda.

We enjoyed our meals with some heartache. Cory requested a birthday dessert to be brought to Sam. It was huge! We all sang “Happy Birthday” to him. Other customers joined in with the serenade. One gentleman, with a good, strong voice, sang at our table directly to Birthday Boy, Sam. It was a festive time. Our treat! We told Sandy we owed her cause she had figured out our refrigerator problem. And, obviously, it was just a small token that we could do to honor our dear friend Sam....aka Buddy Lynn. 🎼🎼Happy Birthday, Dear Sam!🎼🎼

As we left the building, we passed by the old parrot that sits on its outdoor perch....all the time. It is 40 years old. It will bite you if you get too close. It does give kisses to the employee who feeds and cares for it. The old bird is getting kind of worn looking. It can’t fly away because it’s wings have been clipped. A prisoner on i ts perch.

Cory took a different route home. Sam called it his “Birthday Ride”. He loves to travel all these Florida roads. He’s always searching and hoping to find a great restaurant he recalls from fifty years ago. I think he calls it Marvin’s Garage or something like that. In all our travels, we have never found it. I think it has gone the way of other old restaurants-defunct. Sorry, Sam.....but that’s what we think. No matter, Sam will continue to look for it.

This celebratory day came to end once back at our RV’s. We were full and happy. We had spent another fun day together with our dear friends. I so wish all of you could meet them. You would love them as we do. Fortunately, some of you already call them your friends. THERE ARE GOOD SHIPS AND WOOD SHIPS BUT THE BEST SHIPS ARE FRIENDSHIPS!

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Money hangs everywhere Money hangs everywhere
Money hangs everywhere

Lulu bellys up to the bar
Lulu and LindaLulu and Linda
Lulu and Linda

R.I.P. Linda

27th November 2018

Birthday celebration
Happy birthday Sam!!!!!

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