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November 19th 2018
Published: November 26th 2018
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Love it when Wednesday (Nov.14th) comes around. You do know what that means? It’s Lobster Dinner Day at the Ale House. Get those crustaceans swimming! We are on our way. Buckle up, everyone.

To make our evening more festive, Carolyn and Bill joined us. The more the merrier! We go early...not for the early bird special. They don’t have that at the Ale House. Just to beat the crowds. Plus we are usually starving to death having saved ourselves for this magnificent seafood banquet. $14.98 for the lobster, one side (we get a baked potato) and coleslaw. You can order whatever side you prefer. Our waiter was a crusty, old guy. Nothing like the Old Man of the Sea. More like a worn out fisherman that never got a catch.....just crotchety. Every once in awhile, Carolyn asked for directions in dissecting her aquatic treat. I was happy to assist. Eating a lobster is not for the fastidious. They provide you a bib for a good reason. It’s sloppy, messy work. These babies still had a lot of boiling water inside them. Kind of like they had endured a hypodermoclysis. Anyway, while trying to crack one of the claws, the retained
The Ale HouseThe Ale HouseThe Ale House

Inside the Ale House
water poured down my arm. The taste of these scrumptious morsels easily made up for this minor inconvenience. Our lobsters were good but their traps could have been cast further down the creek. We’ve had bigger before....like last week. Now those were lobsters! BIG with lots of fluffy white meat. No matter, we ate our seafood feasts like they were our last. The comradeship made the meal extra special. It’s so nice to be with our friends and share the good times together. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Our time here in Florida seems to fly by. Sometimes there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. After Wednesday at the Ale House, we were ready to go again on Thursday. I hope you are keeping up with our schedule. We are following a daily routine to start each day. We go for morning coffee in the game room next to the office lobby. Each day, more and more friends show up for this coffee klatch. The more the merrier. While at our RV, I thought I got a bad whiff of something fishy. I had showered and put on clean clothes so knew I wasn’t the cause. It passed. Probably something outside. A sizable group of friends gather around the meeting table to share whatever comes to mind. I’m sure we can solve the worlds’ problems before this winter season is over. Phewy! There it is again! A fish monger is amongst us. Discreetly, I check myself.....nope, I’m good. I lean gently towards Cory and inhale deeply. It must be him.....nope. Sweet as a rose. Aha! Sam is on the other side of me. As I draw up closer to him, I am sniffing as deeply as a hound dog. Nope! Nothing. Pure cleanliness. He loves Purell. He almost swims in it. It couldn’t be him. The pungent odor was fleeting. Gag! What is it? It stinks! Our chit-chat ends and we all skip back to our homes ( not me...remember I can’t skip). As I putter around inside our simple domain, the putrid stench overcomes me. Cory & I do the sniff test on each other.....nope....all clean. I feel like Elaine on Seinfeld when she couldn’t get rid of the horrific smell in her hair. But where was this fetor arising from? Where? I go about my business ......but the transient stink follows me. OMG! I’ll have to isolate myself in our RV for the remainder of our stay. I cannot expose this disgusting whiff to others. I’ll be the talk of the park. I look outside fearing a menagerie of cats are probably swarming around our motor home. Nope! Yikes.....I’m feeling anxious and restless. I am waving my arms around like a crossing guard. It’s worse than ever now. Wait a minute. Have I found the cause of the killer aroma? Yes, I have. Guess what it was. Hint: time tells! Okay. The answer is my watch! Yes, the whole time this suffocating smell was emanating from my wristwatch. It was me! But how? Let’s reflect back to the luscious meal at the Ale House. Remember the lobster water that ran down my arm when I was cracking the claw? Yep. When it ran down my arm, it also poured through my watchband. I don’t shower with my watch on. It was left to absorb and dry that old dead fish stench into the expansion wristband. As I moved my left arm....the air was totally permeated with the smell of dead fish. Puke! I have soaked my watchband in sudsy water, scrubbed the links with Mr. Clean and sprayed perfume all over it. No more putrid, decaying, fishy scent surrounds it or me. I’m good to go out in public now. Of course, I had to share this dreadful event at our next coffee klatch. It made for a good laugh. Laughter is a perfect medicine so we all should be mighty healthy now. However, this personal, frustrating situation did not end here. The next day, I was talking to Joe Rossi about something. All of a sudden, he pulled back - far away from me. While waving the air away from his face and holding his nose, he stated I had a very foul odor about me. And this is from the mouth of a funeral director who must have noted a few malodorous whiffs in his business. I was shaken and mortified. Had I not actually solved this odiferous occurrence? I recoiled back. What should I cover? What should I do? Run? Help me! Cover me! Spray me down! ...I stink! I’m hideous! Then, the truth came out! Joe laughed! He had pranked me! OMG. I am now working on his payback. It will be a goody. I’m watching you, Joe!

And our saga continues.....it’s never ending. Work your memory box way back to our original arrival date here at Tropical Palms. It was October 29th in case your memory box is full. On that day, we discovered the crack in the window of our new car (which looks just like our old car). Cory got right on it and called the insurance company who contacted Safelite. That was Oct. 29th!!! Finally on Nov. 15th, the repairman came and installed our new windshield. In between these dates, it’s been a struggle! First, they sent some guy who only looked at it. Then they sent the wrong windshield. Then it was constant & numerous phone calls back and forth. Some less pleasant than others. Even on delivery day, it was a struggle. The guy said he’d be at our place between noon and five. By 4:10, no one had shown up. Cory made the 147th call to Safelite. They said their guy had been to TP but the security guard refused to let him in. He had our name, address and phone number but not our site number. Cory charged up to the guard house. Little sympathy there but we can inform you that our park finally has very good security! A long awaited request by all of our residents. Anyway....long story short: the Safelite guy came back, got in and replaced our windshield. Another plus: it is just fine! He had to work into the dark to get the job done. Sometimes, nothing seems easy. C’est la vie. We heard your sighs of relief when the new windshield finally went in. Your support means everything to us.

And now, after thinking we had suffered enough agonizing blows, the worst was yet to come. Lord, give us strength. My Facebook got hacked! Noooooooo. I alerted all my friends of this dastardly deed and promptly changed my password. I reviewed all my privacy and security settings while reporting this crisis to Facebook. What a troubling experience. It makes you feel like a leper who no one wants a part of (not meant to be a pun). As much as this Tech Life is a fantastic opportunity to be out there in this world....it can also be a curse. I know you all suffered with me. Thank you for that. You should have seen Lulu. She wanted to pull her hair out but couldn’t
And the cause of it all!And the cause of it all!And the cause of it all!

My watch stunk of dead fish
grab ahold of it (no hands) plus she looks like she had already done that in the past. But that is just the bad haircut I gave her. She’s not a complainer.

That’s enough sharing our misery with you. I’ve put on my big girl panties, we pulled up our boot straps and I’ve sterilized my watch. We are ready to go again. Hope you are, too. There’s so much fun in the sun to experience and we plan to do it all. With all of you included, of course.

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Safelite arrived - finallySafelite arrived - finally
Safelite arrived - finally

Working on our windshield
Our new window waits insertionOur new window waits insertion
Our new window waits insertion

Repairman getting old windshield out

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