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March 10th 2011
Published: March 10th 2011
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Here we areHere we areHere we are

ready to go up in the little yellow bi-plane
We’ve been watching the little yellow bi-plane flying overhead since we arrived in Boot Key Harbor. We’ve discussed going up for a ride, yes, we’re going to do that. But, we just didn’t do it. Suddenly, we realized, we’re running out of time. Let’s fly!

Monday morning I called and was told the plane was down for maintenance Monday and Tuesday, call back Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday afternoon I called and was told maintenance was almost finished, call Wednesday morning. Wednesday morning I called, “When do you want to go up?” I was asked. We agreed on two o’clock that very afternoon. We’re finally going to do it!

Around one we called Dave’s Island Taxi to take us to the airport. We were there by 1:45 and the plane wasn’t. We looked up and there it was, circling the island. Soon it was landing and the pilot came over with the worst bucked teeth I ever saw and complaining that the boss wanted us to siphon gas out of our tanks for the ride. Turned out the teeth were fake and so was the gas thing. It was a sign of things to come.

Getting into the small plane
Marathon airport Marathon airport Marathon airport

runway and Florida Bay
was an adventure in itself, especially for two big people like Kerry and me. But we managed and were buckled in and equipped with headphones for communication. The little plane was nimble and was quickly in the air. We flew over the island, seeing familiar sights from an unfamiliar vantage. We flew over the harbor trying for a picture of our boat. That was way more difficult than I had imagined. The wind buffeted us in the open cockpit and it was hard to get a clear shot through the wing struts, but I snapped away. Then over the seven mile bridge. He told me he would get me a good angle for some great shots, and he did, but my camera picked that moment to get cranky and lock up. I managed to get it working again and got some serviceable shots of the bridge, but not as spectacular as the ones I missed. But that’s okay. We circled back toward the harbor and were entertained with a few acrobatic flying maneuvers. Then out over the Atlantic side of the island, circling over the northern part of Marathon, then back down the bay side to land again at the
Florida BayFlorida BayFlorida Bay

this is the Gulf of Mexico side of the Keys
Marathon airport.

The whole flight was a hoot, the pilot joking and telling stories the whole time. The scenery was spectacular and the whole experience a treat. If you ever get the chance to fly over the Keys, don’t pass it up. It’s the trip of a lifetime.

Additional photos below
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Sister IslandSister Island
Sister Island

Off Sombrero beach on the Atlantic Ocean side
Boot Key HarborBoot Key Harbor
Boot Key Harbor

Our boat is down there
Boot Key HarborBoot Key Harbor
Boot Key Harbor

from the south
Seven Mile BridgeSeven Mile Bridge
Seven Mile Bridge

and Pigeon Key
Seven Mile BridgeSeven Mile Bridge
Seven Mile Bridge

looking north toward Marathon
Seven Mile BridgeSeven Mile Bridge
Seven Mile Bridge

Pigeon Key in the foreground looking toward Marathon and Boot Key Harbor
Our boatOur boat
Our boat

in Boot Key Harbor
Sombrero BeachSombrero Beach
Sombrero Beach

on the Atlantic Ocean

10th March 2011

I don't care what you say, those are some great pictures. So glad it worked out before you guys left.
11th March 2011

AWESOME! Love the view from the sky. Glad you got to go.
11th March 2011

Wow! I suppose you can go home now.
13th March 2011

Dare Devils over Marathon!
Wow! Look at you two adventurers! That looks like a blast! Thanks for sharing!
2nd January 2014

Homeland security pilot ran her out of gas
Hey guys. After 11 years of flying that sweet airplane I hired a homeland security pilot and naval officer reservist to moonlight for me. His third day at work he ran her out of gas. He was text messaging his border patrol boss 10 minutes before swimming lessons! Saved his government firearm before the passengers were out of the water. He lied to me, faa, ntsb , a local judge. Had me arrested at the airport while I was working on my other plane. Arresting cops lied on arrest report I guess to embellish a federal officers story. The pilot would not go to court as a federal officer lied on sworn documents. Everyone from the local cops, state attorney, faa, FBI and homeland security have covered for a lying comrade. I'm writing a book about 11 great years of flying her as well as some faa stories that will leave you all warm and safe? The book will be titled " Boy Scouts are dead" . Glad u enjoyed her, she flew over 30, 000 without ever 1 in air problem. Seeya.paul

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