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North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key West May 14th 2008

Grace and I took a trip to explore South Florida. We'd been to other parts of Florida and so far had not been too impressed with what the state had to offer, but had heard and read that this part was different. We both thought it was great. Miami had some of the best food we've ever had and Key West was a great island town.... read more
African Queen
African Queen
Cruising to Key West

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key West April 30th 2008

Qu'il fait bon vivre a Key West! Il fait beau et chaud en permanence, et tout est si relax! La rue principale est bordee de bar ou les gens se regroupent pour prendre un verre et ecouter des groupes live (et il y en a pour tous les gouts, de la country au rock!). Ou on peut choisir de faire un bon diner sur la marina. A moins de preferer regarder le soleil se coucher au-dessus de Sunset Island! Et la journee, que d'activites! Les plages ne sont pas si reputees que ca, donc il vaut mieux s'occuper autrement, ce qui n'est pas difficile. Une demi-journee de plongee, le tour de l'ile en jet ski, et une excursion aux iles Dry Tortugas nous ont bien remplis nos journees. Key West est le point le plus sud ... read more
Key West
Duval Street - rue principale
Duval Street - rue principale

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key West April 21st 2008

Back in Key West today. I love this place! Jody & I got off the ship and just strolled through the town. It's such a fascinating place to wander around. I love the energy of the place. Last time we were here I found this great little coffee shop. Really close to the port, super fast internet connection, fresh breezes blowing through and excellent daiquiris for only $3! So after our stroll, we spent some time in the cafe. Such a simple thing, but those sorts of "real life" activities make you feel a bit more normal while living in this larger-than-life ship world! Then, it was time for my bi-weekly dose of key lime pie. I'd emailed Jody and told him how good the pie was and how it had nothing on the pie that ... read more
The Old Town Trolley
Old Key West Home

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key West March 24th 2008

Today we’re in Key West, one of the only ports the Liberty goes to that I haven’t been to yet. My friend Loraine (who works in the spa and was a friend of mine during my first contract on the Legend) is off today, so we went out together. I’d read about Key West in my guidebook and was prepared for it to be super touristy and tacky and not particularly great. But I love it here! It is very touristy, but there is a nice vibe to the place. The buildings are pretty, the town is so clean, lots of big shady trees line the streets and there’s lots of interesting shops to explore (not just awful touristy ones). Loraine and I wandered along Duval Street, the main street in old Key West. Popped in ... read more
An Old Theatre, Now A Drug Store
Art Stalls Along Duval
Key Lime Pie On A Stick!

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key West March 3rd 2008

JMa a pu prendre de plus longs congés (1semaine). Nous en avons profité pour descendre en voiture dans le sud de la Floride. Première étape : les Keys. Suite de petites îles reliées entre-elles par des ponts. Ambiances très détendue, soleil et plages bien sûr + point le plus au sud des Etats-Unis sur Key West. Deuxième étape : les Everglades. Réserve naturelle d'un peu plus de 6000Km² où on croise toutes sortes d'espèces animales et surtout des crocodiles et des aligators. A suivre : Miami ! ... read more
En route vers la plage
Le point le plus au sud des USA
Les Everglades

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key West March 2nd 2008

So we have just spent three days at three different ports and the weather was fantastic, unlike today, Thursday, where the temperature was only 21c, the ocean was a bit choppy and the sun appears to have gone on vacation. Still cannot complain as it is the first bad day we have had and I am sure the weather will improve, he says full of confidence. So our first port of call was Key West. Before I give you a bit of information on this port, a brief detail as to what we had to go through to get off the ship. First, even before we arrived, we had to be escorted into the harbor by two American police vessels. Once in no one was allowed ashore until we were seen face to face by the ... read more
Another Alligator
The Straw Market
Horse & Carriage Ride

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key West February 24th 2008

There must be something about Key West. I can't seem to stay asleep! It is 3:20am as I write this blog and I fell asleep around 10:30pm - woke up at 12:30am. I am sure as I write this I will become tired and go back to bed. Mel is sleeping peacefully behind me! :) Today was a very busy day! We were out of the hotel room by 9:45am. I was happy because Mel was feeling better, thanks to the antibiotics!! Our plan was to go to Blue Heaven for breakfast. For those of you not aware of Blue Heaven check out: Jimmy Buffett wrote a song about this authentic Key West restaurant. This is the place where you basically dine with the roosters, hens and baby chicks. There is live music, a gift ... read more
Key West: Blue Heven Retaurant
Key West: Blue Heven Retaurant
Key West: Blue Heven Retaurant

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key West February 23rd 2008

Okay, so automatically you are thinking I am a dirty pig. Maybe you are appalled at my subject line, maybe intrigued? Maybe both?? Allow me to explain. So begins day 2 in Key West, FL (a.k.a. paradise). The last time I wrote it was 5am and I was heading back to bed. A short 2 1/2 hours later I was up and ready to start the day. But how was Mel? I had vague memories of a sleep walking Mel climbing into bed around 3:00am with a granola bar in her 1/2 closed mouth. I am a light sleeper - partially for this very reason - so I, in panic mode, told Mel to please sit up and eat her granola bar so I wouldn't have to have a private John Edward session to communicate with ... read more
Key West: Duval Beach Cafe & Bar
Key West: Duval Beach Cafe & Bar
Key West: Duval Beach Cafe & Bar

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key West February 22nd 2008

I must've been so excited I was in Florida that I woke up at 6:52am this morning. You might think I would've been exhausted since I went to bed around 3:30am but the truth is - I was rejuvenated and eager to get a move on it. Our hotel room at The Renaissance Marriott hotel in Fort Lauderdale/Plantation was so nice and comfortable that 3 hours sleep on the bed felt like 7!! Mel got up soon after. I was hoping she was feeling better but unfortunately she was not. And if it's even possible - her throat was slightly worse! :( Keep in mind she has been sick since (at least) last Sunday! I felt so bad. Not ONCE did she complain though. She had that cute little smile and "good morning" tone and "I ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key West February 18th 2008

Hoy Mates, just got back from a beautiful charter to the caribbean. Actuall this is about the 30th or 40 something I have taken and again the islands are beautiul as always. This time I was down by the Virgin Islands and kind of got myself a little rummed up a few nights, but hey who's counting. I went through VirginIslandsSailingVacations where the name just made me have to go. They were pretty darn sharp setting up my yacht and all, even had some rum on board. What a group of people. I didn't take much in the way of clothes because I don't have much maybe a few shorts and t-shirts and my vancy and very old swim trunks and my flips and other stuff, packed in a small soft bag and off I went. ... read more

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