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August 14th 2008
Published: November 6th 2011
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An excellent way to see Key West and also to find out a lot about the history was on the Conch Train Tour. Apparently in 1982 the islanders were getting fed-up with a blockade that was in place to stop smuggling so they declared themselves independent of the United Status and formed the Conch Republic. They even have their own flag, which you see all around the island.

This is blue and has a pink conch shell on it and not to be confused with the rainbow flag, which is also prevalent all around the island and is the symbol of the gay community.

One of the main industries in the past was called Wrecking and was basically the salvaging of cargo from all the ships the were wrecked around the Keys. There seemed to have been a lot of them and it apparently meant that the island was quite rich.

One of the richest people was someone called Flagler. He built a railway all the way across the Keys to Key West and the bridges that he built formed the original Ocean Highway before they were all replaced. Flagler Station is still there, however it is obviously
Sloppy Joe'sSloppy Joe'sSloppy Joe's

Sloppy Joe's bar at night
no longer a railway station.

One must go place is Sloppy Joe's, which is the most famous bar on the island. We had a Sloppy Rita to drink and I was all set to stay for the afternoon.

Key Lime pie is something that has to be tied – especially on a stick and covered in chocolate.

By this point, the American election coverage was doing our heads in and it was still over three months to go. What did at to the entertainment value slightly was how dirty the campaigning is. If we think that the British campaigns can stoop quite low; we’ve got nothing on the Americans – particularly, but not exclusively, the Republicans. One unbelievable tactic was to try and make out that Obama was the anti-Christ. Whilst for the British, such a claim would have us rolling with laughter, there seemed to many in America who were actually taking it seriously. There was also some lying fraud who had written a book discrediting Obama. He had done exactly the same thing against John Kerry and it has since been proven to have been full of lies. He was still all self-righteous and trying
St Paul's ChurchSt Paul's ChurchSt Paul's Church

St Paul's church at night
to standby what he had written this time.

At least there was the coverage of the Olympics.

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Conch Republic

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