Across the Everglades and to Key Largo

Published: January 14th 2010
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Alligator sunningAlligator sunningAlligator sunning

Florida Everglades, Big Cypress NP
It was a little warmer when we left Homosassa and got progressively more pleasant the further south we went, until we finally had to turn on the A/C in the truck. We crossed the Everglades on US41 (Tamiami Trail,) stopping at Oasis Visitor Center in Big Cypress NP to see alligators. Our truck starting making an odd noise that got worse as we travelled east. Once at my mother's in Miami Springs, Kerry and Trevor checked and decided it was a belt pulley. After talking with Michael twice, they finally figured out it had to do with the compressor and the serpentine belt. So Wednesday morning Kerry took the truck in for repairs. Several hours and $800 later, we were on the road to Key Largo to meet Sara and Trevor at John Pennecamp SP.

Sara set up a dive for us all for today at noon, Kerry and Trevor snorkelling, and Sara and I scuba diving. As it turned out, Sara and I were the only divers on a boat full of college students from Wisconsin, all there to snorkel. I again had trouble with my bouyancy, couldn't stay down with 25# of weight. But it was beautiful. We
Stealthy gatorStealthy gatorStealthy gator

this guy kept surfacing, then sinking back down
saw lots of fish, a couple of spotted eagle rays, a spotted moray eel, and lots of really gorgeous coral. Again no pictures, we used 35 mm underwater cameras, so will have to wait for film to be developed, probably on Saturday.

Tomorrow we're going diving in the morning; first a creature feature where we go down and they feed the fish and nurse sharks, then a second dive somewhere else. I guess we'll have to tie an anchor around my waist.

We have to be out of our campsite by 1 tomorrow afternoon, but the boat may not be back until after 1:30, so we'll have to get up at dark-early and break camp, then be at the dive place at 7:30 am.

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Big GatorBig Gator
Big Gator

This was a whopper, totally submerged, we never saw it surface
Big Cypress NPBig Cypress NP
Big Cypress NP

this bird seemed to be posing for pictures

15th January 2010

Great photos of friendly gators! Dive safe!
15th January 2010

Great Weather
Glad to hear you're staying another day in The Keys; the weather is great for it and ya'll have come a long distance; good to take advantage of every hour....have a good time!!

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