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North America » United States » Florida » Jacksonville December 25th 2018

Dear Family & Friends: We are wishing you a very Merry Christmas! May it bring you joy, happiness and everything else you deserve. Lulu got what she deserved: a lump of coal. Not really, she got a new hair ribbon and neck ribbon.....thanks to my cousin Paul and Clare. They sent us 2 boxes of delicious Purdy candy with ribbons attached. Thank you very much. Lulu is thrilled with her new accessories. Now this is a first for us. For 54 years, Cory & I have always celebrated Christmas in our home (be it rented or owned) with family (be it one person or @ 20). Today, we woke up in a strange hotel (Country Inn & Suites). We ate our meager breakfast there next to a large, Asian family. 聖誕快樂. They just stared at us. ... read more
Lulu & Lobby Tree & Presents
The Little Mermaid goes skinny dipping
Traffic on Christmas Day

North America » United States » Florida » Jacksonville November 9th 2018

As we start our travels we decided to spend some time in the city we have lived in since 2002, Jacksonville, Florida. We have always loved to visit Hanna Park. Hanna Park is a city park located near the US Navy base in Mayport, FL. The park has so much to offer from beautiful ocean views with sandy beaches that you can ride your bicycle on at low tide, hiking, camping etc. It has a small lake and a campground that will handle visitors from tents to RVs. They even have some small cabins for rent. We decided to spend a few nights in the campground with our RV and get everything organized before we leave our home base. The pictures and videos are a small sample of this very large city park that is perfect ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Jacksonville July 8th 2018

We were looking forward to our trip to FL. Not because we needed to get where it was warm; summer in Florida is NOT the smartest time to visit. But we were going to take our oldest grandson, Drew, camping in the RV. So we readied the coach, and took off early one morning to head south. We opted to go the same route we had used in winter, down I-59, around Birmingham to I-65 and then around Montgomery to US-231 and to Fort Rucker, AL to spend the night at the military campground there. Great drive, good roads, and reservations for one night in the woods at a well developed campsite. For one night stays, the cat does not get to roam and so I walked him on a leash several times so he could ... read more
Pre-slide poser
Xander splashing in
Keeping cool in the pool

North America » United States » Florida » Jacksonville June 5th 2018

Tomorrow is the official launch day for our extended trip to Alaska. This blog is about the extended preparation that began with selecting two wardrobes to cover the heat of summer to the cool nights in Alaska. We elected to put our warm summer clothes in the coach and then used plastic boxes for our light winter gear. We will switch out as the need arises during the trip. The next effort involved setting up communications to insure connectivity while we telecommuted as part of our work. For our RV Entrepreneur friends we selected the WeBoost for our cell coverage enhancement along with the Truck mirror mounted antenna to give the communications and extra boost in power. Many thanks to our good friend Jeff Byrd with B&H Machining in Jacksonville FL for manufacturing a custom mount ... read more
Alaska Launch 2
Alaska Launch 3
Alaska Launch 4

North America » United States » Florida » Jacksonville March 30th 2016

So first month almost coming to an end here in sunny Jacksonville, we have been staying at Pecan Park RV resort, very comfortable with full service hookup (Electric, water and sewage included) campground. We hope to make it back here in one piece by end of June before setting off on the next trip to the Motherland. The countdown to Sunday has started to hover over us like a beautiful but terrifying dawn, we set sail for the great unknown, heading west, first stop: (however long it takes for Roy to get tired from driving, or we have some malfunction with the Rig (Rv Fifth Wheel Heartland 38 feet Monster). We have had a few hiccups with water leaks, slide out issues, water pump etc.. so hoping and praying (a lot) that we at least make ... read more
Jax Beach
Big Talbot Island

North America » United States » Florida » Jacksonville February 7th 2016

There has been no frost on our pumpkin but it has not been the nice weather we had hoped for. A week of rain and a cold north wind in the 50's is not really what we had in mind when we put Florida on the agenda but it is what it is and we have made the most of it by relaxing, reading and basically sitting around. Jacksonville was kind of a stop over prior to Daytona anyway so we had no great expectations of travel and sightseeing. We did get to Clarks Fish Camp for dinner with Zac and his room mate which is always great food in an exotic setting. I am sure that one person didn't bag all the animals in this restaurant because there are dozens. It makes for an interesting ... read more
Dinner with Zac
Which is more Deadly
I found the Gator

North America » United States » Florida » Jacksonville June 13th 2015

Bonjour à tous J'avais conclu le blog, hier au soir par: qui sait. Hé bien se fut une belle journée. Malgré un violent orage hier en fin d'après midi la température ne varie guère 26 la nuit 35 la journée. Vers 22h30, hier au soir, après avoir fini le blog, regarder un peu la coupe du monde de foot féminine au Canada, USA/Suède, très beau match, un peu de lecture avant le dodo, l'alarme incendie s'est déclenchée dans l'hôtel, au bout de 2 minutes je sorts, tous les clients dans le couloir, évacuation, je fais de même, sans oublier, de prendre au moins mon portefeuille, passeport. Cinq camions de pompiers sont venues, nous sommes resté une bonne heure sur la parking, pas d'explication, à minuit enfin dodo. A 8h ce matin j'était dans le centre de ... read more
Le Sud !
le pêcheur

North America » United States » Florida » Jacksonville April 8th 2015

Tomorrow marks the end of 9 months being on the road. It is bitter sweet because I know we are all ready to head home to be reunited with our loved ones but we have become such a big family that I am also dreading that day at the airport when we have to say all of our see-ya-laters. These past 9 months have taught me so much. Taught me how to love, becoming patient, thankful and grateful for each and every blessing God provides. He is always so faithful. Looking back now I can see the little things here and there He had orchestrated to bring us to where we are now. We have laughed together, Cried together, and maybe even argued a little bit but most importantly we have all stuck together. We have ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Jacksonville March 30th 2015

So its early in Jacksonville but my mind is still at 4am UK time. I need sleep! 3 hours before my taxi to central to get on the bus to Orlando then finally on the plane to Jamaica. Although people tell me how cool all my travels are, I really don't pick a quick and easy route! First impressions of US? GREAT! It had never tempted me before... too much like home. I'm glad I've made a stop off! People have been so kind and gentle. Adoring my accent which has made immigration as swift as it could of been. JAX airport has definitely been one of my fav sleeper airports so far. Although small, I have a huge sofa and free wifi! What more could I need. Hopefully going to get a few hours sleep ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Jacksonville May 13th 2014

Passport? Check. Plug converters? Check. Pink rain boots? Check. Packed luggage? Eh, pending. Tomorrow I embark on my study abroad journey to the British Isles - Ireland, Scotland, then London! As some may know, I've never left the western hemisphere before. It'll be the longest I've been away from home, my family, and friends. For two weeks. (I stayed home for college, okay? It's a big deal.) My dad has gone full Liam Neeson from Taken. I couldn't be more excited and nervous at the same time. I spent a solid 45 minutes today in the travel-size section at Target checking, double checking, and triple-checking to make sure I had everything I needed in 3 ounces or less. I spent more money than I'd like to admit. But you know what? You can't put a price ... read more

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