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February 25th 2010
Published: February 25th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

The past 24 hours...in a nutshell

Currently I am super annoyed with all Microsoft Word-type programs. Apparently it has decided to piss me off while I am working on my study guide for this huge exam I have tomorrow. I made this perfectly awesome template for the study guide, so that all the information I needed would be included; and it decides that it will not let me add anything later on. It is now messing up the perfectly good study guide. I cannot change anything on it without it messing up. So....out of annoyance I am starting over. ha

But other than that, today was a super productive day. I ran 3-miles, worked out for 30 minutes and walked for another 15 minutes this morning. Definitely was a much-needed workout. But probably not the best day to begin cutting calories, since now I am grumpy with everybody and everything. If this evening could get better, I sincerely hope it does. I really do not want to be studying all afternoon tomorrow; but if this study guide does not get any better, I am afraid I will have to give up for the night.... 😞
So basically that is the update for today....and even though I am still annoyed with this study guide it is looking a little better! 😊 Hopefully it will continue to do so.

Oh and two goals got set last night; which I am super excited about:
• If I can lose 6 pounds in 15 days (this one will definitely happen)
• So I am cutting calories, and working out more to see if I can make this happen; lose those last stubborn 5 pounds I need/want to lose.
• Stop drinking for 30 days (granted this probably will not happen, but at least it will force me to keep track of the amount of drinking I am doing)
I forgot how much working out and being determined about something made the rest of my life seem to fall into place (just with studying and having everything in order)

Okay, well that is all the news I have for today...I think; if not I will edit later and add to this.

Update: Finished most of the study guide. Only have one more section to finish for four of the six theories and the other two theories are completely finished. And then going over notes, etc. to ensure I have all the information I need. Otherwise, I feel really good about the amount I got finished tonight.
Bedtime for me 😊 and the dog....


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