Baseball, Beach Cruisers & Big Trucks - Living in the US

Published: August 6th 2007
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Big TrucksBig TrucksBig Trucks

The F-350 - A favorite if you need to move your house....all at once!
Even when we aren't traveling around the country, living in the US comes with some experiences that are unique to us Australians and I thought we should take the time to document some of the differences.

Fiona and I were lucky enough to experience our first game of baseball with a friend of ours Greg. He's quite the baseball fan and took us to see the Jacksonville Suns which are a minor league team. Whilst most people shirk at seeing minor league competitions, it comes with many advantages. Firstly, tickets to get in for military members are $2.50. The Jacksonville Stadium still has a 'hill' like the MCG of old, so kids can run around while parents drink beer and watch the game. Thirdly, if you go on Thursday night, all beers are only $1 - you can't afford not to go. Finally, during the baseball season the team plays nearly every night, so you will quite often get 3 - 4 home games a week which is really cool.

The game we went and watched was not too bad, a couple of home runs hit and the Suns won after getting off to a bad start. After
Fiona Sitting on the HillFiona Sitting on the HillFiona Sitting on the Hill

Here's Fi sitting on the hill at the start of the game. It's really a relaxing way to spend an evening.
the Suns pitcher got hit for a home run in the 1st innings I thought that I must have been bad luck for Jacksonville teams (the Ice-Hockey game we saw the Jax team got thumped, and the Jax Jaguars have lost every game I have watched on TV), but fortunately they got a couple back and won the game!

Another interesting aspect of life in the US is the giant pick-up trucks you can buy over here. We thought an F-150 was a bit of a beast, but over here F-350's are pretty common on the road and each company (Dodge, GMC, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Nissan) has a truck pretty much the same size. I've attached a couple of photo's of one that was parked at Fiona's work just to see how big these things are. It's parked between a Toyota Camry on the left and a PT Cruiser on the right to give some perspective on just how big it is.

Finally, one of the funnier things you see on the beach in Florida are 'beach cruiser' push bikes. These things are custom built and modeled on Harley Davidson motorbikes. You see people getting down the streets riding
Later in the GameLater in the GameLater in the Game

This after about the 5th innings when the lights had come on.
these crazy bikes and no two are the same as they are all custom built. Pretty funny to see how inventive some people get.

Anyway, these are just some random observations and experiences that we have had whilst living here and thought we should share them with you.

Additional photos below
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Ford F-350Ford F-350
Ford F-350

On the left of the Truck is a Toyota Camry - shows you how big this sucker really is!
Ford F-350 & PT CruiserFord F-350 & PT Cruiser
Ford F-350 & PT Cruiser

This photo shows its size against the PT Cruiser....
Beach Cruiser BikesBeach Cruiser Bikes
Beach Cruiser Bikes

Here's two blokes cruising past on their 'Beach Cruisers'....
Sunrise at Jax BeachSunrise at Jax Beach
Sunrise at Jax Beach

This is just a cool photo that I took from our balcony on the sun rise. There have been heaps of fires just north of us which make the sunrise and sunsets look awesome.

30th May 2007

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Hey, just thought it was time to remind you that you are gay. ps. we also have F350's over here. pps. you are gay
31st May 2007

Thanks Mick
Thanks for your constructive comments Mick - just to make sure I understand...apparently you think that I may be gay??
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i hate this page haha lol jk

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