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October 28th 2008
Published: October 30th 2008
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To my blog readers:

No, I am not on the road again, but a few days ago I went somewhere, not far at all.

I left my office in the middle of the afternoon, under the Florida heat, to join the democrat crowd and to welcome Michelle Obama to Gainesville.

It was very exciting being one of 11,000 enthusiasts ready for change, hopefully helping to make history. Michelle was a very good speaker and she definitely ignited the crowd.

The US policies have affected the lives of so many, here in the US and abroad.
Even as a traveler, I felt the negative effects. When travelling abroad, in many countries I no longer felt free, or more importantly, safe, to say “I came from the US”, afraid of becoming target of one of the many enemies the US now has.

I do hope that soon I will be able to travel anywhere I wish to go, without the fear of being a target because I carry an American passport.

Happy travels to all, with hopes of a safe and peaceful world for all.

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30th October 2008

One thing that makes this country great is that you can have the freedom to say what you think and vote for who you would like. Although I do not share your choice, I agree people should get out and vote. I do feel saddened that a majority democratic congress has not been able to prove that they can make a difference either and yet people are caught up in what sounds good. Noone elected will be able to make an immediate change. Throughout history each president is always working on the previous administration's mistakes. Make sure you research your candidate outside of what you hear. God Bless America and GO VOTE!
30th October 2008

This is travel blog
Although I agree with your views, I really disagree with travel blog being used as a propaganda machine for the american election. Please administators remove this post
30th October 2008

Hi from Argentina
I´ve been to the US last month. My second time in the US, a country I love and admire. I hope you could get that change you need. I hope the best for all of you. Love, from Argentina.
30th October 2008

Wish I could!
Hi Patricia, What a great idea to send a message on travel blog! I wish i could vote but I am not a citizen, so we donated money instead. Scott and I are in a little tropical island in India (Andamans) and we have been desperately trying to find a hotel with a TV showing CNN for election day but so far have found nothing! We will have to make do with the internet, but can't help feel that we will be missing history in the making! Still, had a great day at the beach today so can't complain really!! :)
30th October 2008

Thanks for your rally cry.
Every vote will count in this imporant election. In California our counties each decide seperately if they will offer early voting. Yolo county is one of the few that does, although it is not really being encouraged. If anyone has time to offer on Tuesday, people unable to get to their polling place and without an absent-T ballot may need your assistance. They can send anyone to their polling place with a note asking for an absent-T ballot. Once filled in and signed the ballot needs to be returned to the polling place. You don't have to be a registered voter or even old enough to vote to preform the service. Local Democratic headquarters may know about individuals needing this type of help.
30th October 2008

Thanks and ...
I debated if it was wise, or not, to post the blog, as I know this is a travel blog, not a political site. BUT, I did found it appropriate, not because I "travelled" downtown, but most importantly because my choices of where I travel to, has been affected by the politics of the country where I live. I do fear going to several countries on my list of places to visit... and I did not have to hesitate "before". So, it does have some to do with travel. Also, if I am in another country and I happen to come across, let say, a hally, I go there, take pictures, and write about the message and my views. So, why not here, in my own backyard? I do regret the title of my blog, however, and agree that shouldn't have been so political, but again, I am not perfect, and most comments and messages I have received so far have been positive and supportive. Here is another message I just received: Hi Patricia! Really enjoyed your short-but-to-the-point latest update. Fingers VERY crossed from this side of the Pond... (England) If only I had a vote... If it's any comfort - which it's not, because, by definition, those Americans I know are those who travel and realise that life doesn't start and end at the local shopping mall - all the Americans I know and have talked to recently are voting (or already have voted) for Obama. From this side of the Pond he appears to be a refreshingly credible and interesting candidate, and Mr McCain appears to have kiboshed his own chances pretty effectively by appointing Mrs Palin. Still, I'll be watching with interest, from Namibia (!), next week... Good luck!
30th October 2008

I changed...
... the title, but not my views. It's hard to please everyone, there will always be controversies, Republicans, Democrats, Socialists, and so on. Diversity is ok, and I do respect the views and believes of others. However, I am, like anyone should be, allowed to express my views. Wishing you happiness and a very happy and peaceful day.
31st October 2008

Yes, roll on the change. Change often does not happen as fast as we would like it to, but in my opinion Obama could be the one to make a start on it. If I was American he would get my vote. :)
31st October 2008

PS. Of course polticics has something to do with travel. Many aspects of a country that we experience when we travel are a result of the countries politics. I dont know why anyone would think that politics and travel do not go together as discussion topics. :)
31st October 2008

Thank you
Thank you Mell for your comment. I couldn't agree more.
31st October 2008

I wish all of you well
Your title caught my eye and I was drawn to read your blog. I speak as a former American (now Canadian) who has travelled extensively over the last 25 years. I pray that the election goes the way you wish and that all Americans can again begin to be proud of calling themselves American when they travel.
1st November 2008

Fingers Crossed!
Hola again, Just wanted to point something out...you began the blog by saying "To all my American blog readers" but, in fact, it seems the whole world is watching and waiting. Just today, on the little island of Havelok in India, I overheard a German guy saying how desperate he is to watch the election and, of course, he is rooting for Obama. In fact, since we have been travelling (over a year now) I haven't heard anyone (American or foreign) say that they support McCain! How is this possible? I guess it is only the Obama supporters that travel!!! Oh, and I totally agree that travel and politics go hand in hand - as a British citizen living in America with an increasingly American accent, I find it annoying to get blamed at times for Bush policies...roll on Obama!!!
1st November 2008

Nice to share same views
Thanks Melissa. I look forward to more peaceful days in the world and less negative vibe among countries.
1st November 2008

You are right...
Hey Sharon. I have changed the first sentence, eliminating the " American" before readers. At first I thought only Americfan voters would be interested on the blog, but I am excited that many foreigners have responded to it and are engaged on the election process. I guess that with globalization, we are so much more connected way beyond ecomonical trade. 3 days to go and hopefully we'll all be celebrating soon. Take care Patricia
1st November 2008

As a foreigner in US, I care more about US diplomatic policy. US is a democratic country,but not in the international stage. According to a survey, most British do not like US, though GB is a ally of US. Why American usually are the target of terrorism? I do not know whether Americans have ever thought about this. I hope US should do everything based on the American values not just American INTEREST, and discard the TWO standards. US is a great country and Americans are great people, I hope you can make the world better.
2nd November 2008

Michelle is such a beautiful lady, both inside and out. You are so lucky to have been able to see her speak! our country is headed in a great direction.
2nd November 2008

Freedom of Speech
Go Obama! We're all ready for change! I'm glad we live in a nation where we can speak our minds. I see that someone has requested the administrators to remove this post of yours, but that'd be a violation of the first amendment. People post their opinions on this site all the time. If you don't like it, don't read it.
2nd November 2008

Nice to have support and...
... to have so many of you share my views about Obama, the upcoming election and its impact on the world (including the traveling one), and our right of freedom of speech. It's great to be connected for a great cause. Take care and I hope we'll all the celebrating in a couple of days.
11th November 2008

Congratulations Barack Obama!
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23rd November 2008


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