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February 12th 2018
Published: February 14th 2018
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blog 02-12-18 Is the Rain Liquid Sunshine

It is my opinion that all incompedent meteroligists reside in Florida. There has not been one day since I have been here that the weather turned out the way they called it. Yesterday was supposed to be rainy and warm, it was sunny and hot. Today was supposed to be hot and sunny, it's cold and foggy. Not complaining just stating fact. One must learn to be flexable.

Marg and I had coffee outside this morning in the brilliant sunshine. Finally took a picture of the campsite. A little girl from Ohio came over to play with Watson this morning and had fun petting him and throwing his ball. She has a dog at home and misses him so Watson had a playmate for a while. She made the old fashioned pot holders that my kids made on a small loom years ago and was selling them for $3.00, how can you say no.

We went for a walk then Marg and I went to visit Bulow Plantation where there is a 2000 yr old oak tree. It was probably a sapling when Christ was born. Pictures. The ride took us along a river and many overhanging oak trees with spanish moss hanging from them. Then through the town of Ormond Beach and up the coast. There are still several houses in need of repair from the hurricane in Sept., lots with new roofs.

Once home we got Watson and headed for the beach. We walked some, collected a few shells, but mostly just hung out and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Before long it was time for happy hour. Preparations needed to be done as I had invited a couple from Canada over to our place for cocktails and snacks. I had met them twice before in different parks and last year they were here the same 2 weeks I was. They were great company and we covered a multitude of topics from travel and our different countries. They were very interested in our politics and our opinions and their biggest concern was would Trump really go to war with the North Koreans. We left the conversation hanging.

We tried another configuation for our bed and we both like this way best. It is a puzzle.

Sunday morning we decided to head to the Funky Pelican Resturant again for breakfast. We were there about 10:15 along with most of Flagler Beach. The seats at the outside bar were full so we had to wait and hope someone would leave and give us their chairs. About 20 min later 2 seats were ours and we sat looking at the ocean with the sand right below us. The waitress was really busy and by the time she took our breakfast order and submitted it the kitchen had switched over to their lunch menu. 11:15 am. Ok, still a really pretty spot, we'd make another choice and go with lunch. 20 min later she came back and said that Marg's choice was no longer available..... It was after 12 by the time we got lunch and the birds that were hanging around were looking mighty tempting to catch and eat.

Back at camp we went up to the observation platform and watched the ocean for a while til it was time to leave for the airport. Marg had to fly home today. The ride to Jacksonville was uneventful and Watson and I had to say good-bye to our temporary companion. We had a great visit, just too short.

On the way home I stopped at Walmart and bought a new smoke detector because the one I had kept going off for no reason. The directions said to clean it, which I did, but it still kept squaking. I installed the new one and our home has been peaceful since.

Monday was foggy to start but then gave way to brilliant sunshine so after a walk Watson and I headed to the beach where the breeze kept the temps pleasant. I took some pictures, collected some shells but mostly just enjoyed the warm temps and rolling surf.

Back at the camper I got out my drill and proceeded to put holes in some of the hundreds of shells I've gathered. I'm making another wind chime with them. Before leaving home I bought new drill bits and these are dandies, they cut through the shells in no time.

Today I discovered the answer to a question Margie had asked me, "Who was Gamble Rogers?" I am staying at Gamble Rogers Memorial State Park at Flagler Beach. It seems that Mr Rogers was a folk artist musician and storyteller and all around really good man. He drawned off this beach trying to save someone in trouble in 1991. This park is a wonderful trubute to such a man.

Another walk before dinner and we settled in for the night.

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