Creeping Northward

Published: May 23rd 2010
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ship ship ship

ship at Bridge of Lions
After sorting out a banking problem, by sitting in Vero Beach and receiving courier packets, sending faxes and so on we were on the move again.
Titusville was a good anchorage to sit out the t-storms and torrential rains that arrived on May 17. It also was the beginning of an invasion of 'Love Bugs'. Thank goodness these guys do not bite, because it is an invasion. They did not like the rain any more than we did, so did not plague us during downpours. As soon as the sun comes back out so do they. I can say that once we were well and truly in the Mosquito Lagoon they began to abate. The crew of Witchcraft was very grateful, they were making us a bit nuts, crawling all over us and every available surface aboard the boat.
On the trip down we never saw any 'gators', not so for this run. The animal kingdom is breeding or hatching little ones. I got my first glimpse of an alligator in the Haulover canal disguising himself as a log. A big fellow he was too. I was to see five more that day. As we moved our way along
anchorage on ICWanchorage on ICWanchorage on ICW

Pine Island anchorage
the ICW we could see people standing beside boats in the shallows off the route, and wondered why they were not worried about the gators. I would be. We were told in Titusville they are aggressive this time of the year. Although I don't think they are particularily friendly at any time of the year.
Baby Manatees, and dolphins have been visable and of course a myriad of bird life. Roseate Spoonbills were flying about just south of the Haulover Canal. They are an unlikely shade of pink, much like the Flamingo is. I was pleased to identify Whooping Cranes with the help of my binoculars and trusty bird book. These are rare and it was quite a treat to see a pair rather than just seeing photos.
As we waited for a bridge there was a rather unusual ship coming out of an entrance nearby, the crew appeared to be in full pirate costume! Interesting.
We arrived at our planned anchorage and were grateful to find only one other vessel there, although shortly afterwards two more would join us. This place is full of life, manatee's swimming round the boat, tons of nesting birds, such as Great Egrets, Little Blue Herons, Great Blue Herons, Snowy Egrets and others I have to identify. Watching out that evening I observed curious patches of darker water moving our way. They turned out to be schools of some sort of fish near the surface. The patches actually began to look like water simmering in a pot. The smallish fish were it seemed feeding at the surface. Strange sort of phenomenon, considering coming to the surface made them readily available for the numerous feeding birds.
Our next hop will be offshore and to that end we await the N and NE winds to dissapate. Take care everyone, more as able.


31st May 2010

Alligators in the Haulover Canal!
Hi Ruth and Mark. Sorry we missed them but not going back to check. Saw one huge manatee only. Wonder how they cohabit? You must be a good piece further by now. We're taking things very slowly and smelling the gardenias. LOL Fair winds.
1st June 2010

creeping northward
HI crew of Melodeon, Where are you guys now? The trip north is plugging along, we went offshore from Fernandina headed to Beaufort NC, ended up in Charleston. Plans dont always work out. Still we are moving in the right direction. Inside I think for now. Fair Winds to you all Ruth and Mark

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