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North America » United States » Florida » Everglades March 4th 2012

You may be surprised to learn that Conner and I are back home in Sonora, and have been for nearly a month now. I had told Sherry when we left California on October 3, 2011, that if at anytime she wanted me to come home, I would return immediately. She did, and we did. Originally, I thought we might be gone until early April this year, but my wife and family beckoned us back home to take care of important family matters. So this is the last blog entry I'll write about our trip, covering our time in Florida and a summary of the entire journey. Departing Florida on January 31st and driving directly back to California, it took us six days, driving nearly 16 hours a day from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. everyday. Over ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Everglades February 16th 2012

Today we drove from Key Largo, back up to Miami up the Florida Turnpike (beware of the toll roads, everything is chargeable but you just have to accept it as it takes a picture of your number plate and charges the car hire company automatically!) and across the Everglades National Park on the interstate 41 (also known as the Tamiami trail). As you move across the Everglades, you see more and more adverts for airboat rides, so we decided to stop in a little place called 'Coopertown Airboats'. Little did we realise, there were much bigger places further along the road, if only we had waited a little longer - so don't go to the first place you see! The airboat glides across the top of the water, and we were given cotton balls (very upmarket!) ... read more
Naples Dock
Coopertown Airboats

North America » United States » Florida » Everglades March 9th 2011

We experienced the Everglades several ways. From a boat tour out of the Everglades National Park Ranger Station in Everglades City, from a fishing charter with Captain Pete Rapps, from a Tram Ride to an observation tower at the Shark River entrance to the park, from a Miccosukee airboat ride through the saw grass, from our own bumpy Jeep ride along Jane's Scenic Trail (off Route 20), from local lore and the exhibitry at both the Smallwood Store Museum and the Everglades History Museum and just by "living" in the Everglade environment for 12 days. On a previous trip from Fort Myers to Miami on Route 41 (Tamiami Trail) we saw tons of alligator at the HP Williams Roadside Park. We skipped this location this trip; but recommend it for those with time constraints (plus it's ... read more
Robert - Piloting Airboat in SawGrass
Miccosukee Menu
This is a Macho Place

North America » United States » Florida » Everglades January 27th 2011

We traveled to the Florida Everglades which is approx. 1 1/2 hours south of where we are currently located and took an airboat through the jungles of the Everglades. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.....our Captain Picou had no problem putting the 'pedal to the metal' every chance he had, wasn't sure that he was going to make all the tight corners.....but he did! Hope you enjoy the following pics.... read more
a passenger
along for the ride
on the way to Totch's Island

North America » United States » Florida » Everglades January 14th 2011

Log 2 After a very rough 8 day crossing from Southampton to New York on the Queen Victoria where we only had one night of complete calm, we arrived on Thursday 13 January to the sight of snow around New York. We had to wait a long time to disembark with Cunard blaming US customs but when we finally reached customs we went through quite quickly. We did a tour of New York which was excellent. A super guide who was very informative. We got to the cruise terminal only to find an horrendous queue to get through security and registration but fortunately we were able to go through quicker having asked for assistance because of Nicky’s back. Wonderful to get on board and find our stateroom is so well appointed with loads of storage space. ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Everglades December 4th 1988

Geo: 25.8569, -81.3848Cloudy, overcast. Low-70s.We had an enjoyable breakfast, talking with Grandma, her granddaughter, and a couple from Manchester, England. The had a darling son, Matthew, who also proved to be mischevious. After breakfast, Paul and I entered the Everglades. We stopped at the main visitor center to check out the exhibits, etc. Our first trail was the Anhenga Trail and Gumbo loop. The Trail was mostly an elevated wooden walkway. We saw alligators, blue herons, (inc. one who was fishing: stabbed fish with beak, then tossed fish into the air for swallowing), anhinga birds drying their feathers a foot off trail, turtles, fish, etc. We walked out every trail overpass. The Mohagany Trail was a large hammock of mahogany trees. Many spiders had constructed webs along the elevated trail. They had brightly colored green bottles ... read more

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