Flamingo (Everglades), Florida

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"I loved when we saw the spoonbills. They were awesome. The smores where amazing. I went with my friend Luna. We played on an ipad. It was very nice. I hold an alligator but I dropped it. And I held a snake. It was very very nice. We went on a airboat. It was sooo cool. It was noisy. We slept in tents. And my brother came with us."- Sofia ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

After living in Miami for over 6 years and never going to the everglades, daddy thought now was the time. So with my brother, Vitor, and good friend Luna and her crazy dad Sean, we went to camp for a night. Less than an hour away, we first stopped at Rober Is Here to have awesome milkshakes as we checked out the animals at the petting farm. We then met at Gator Grill and I tried Alligator and Frogs Legs for the first time......Loved them both.

About 45 minutes later we arrived at our campsite. I was SOOOOO excited. I played with Luna, while Daddy, Vitor and Sean set up the tents. I absolutely love sleeping in a tent and daddy and I have camped in a few places including Norway. We then went down to the bay and took a boat tour in the everglades. We saw alligators, crocodiles, manatees, lots of birds and mangroves. It was blast playing with Sean and Luna on the boat.

On the way back to the boat, we stopped by a lake to see the bird I was excited about seeing. I had learned about the Spoonbill in class, and now I was finally seeing it in its natural environment....pretty cool.

Back to the campsite and Daddy, Sean and Vitor starting cooking. We had meet, corn, and tomatoes stuffed with cheese and Ritz Crackers. It was really good, but dessert was even better.....Smores. So good and fun to eat. We told stories, played frisbee, and I watched a movie with Luna. We were very lucky because there were almost no mosquitoes and it was cool at night.

Next day we rented canoes and kayaks. I went with Daddy and Vitor on the Canoe. They did all the work. We saw some crocodiles, manatees, and lots of birds. It was very relaxing, especially for me.

We got all our stuff together, and head back to Homestead where we stopped

after learning about them in class I was so glad to see them.
at the Alligator Farm in Homestead. We saw crocodiles of all sizes and a crazy show were some dude played with an alligator. We saw a snake show and I held some boas and pythons. However, there 2 things I totally loved. First, the air boat ride.....sooooo fast and we did 360's saw a lots of animals. The other thing ws holding a baby alligator after the alligator show. So cool and cute. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

A fast dinner back at the Gator Grill and a milk shake at Robert is Here and it was time to go home. What a great weekend. Now it is time to get ready for our trip in less than 2 weeks.....Romania!!!

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Me, Vitor and Luna
Love my Bro, VitorLove my Bro, Vitor
Love my Bro, Vitor

Boat on the Everglades
Robert is HereRobert is Here
Robert is Here

Pettting Zoo

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