Florida - Day 3: Everglades National Park

Published: March 27th 2009
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Miami Beach -> Everglades National Park -> Boca Raton

Everglades National ParkEverglades National ParkEverglades National Park

Everglades National Park located in Southern Florida is the largest tropical NP in US
Apologies for taking soooooo long to publish this blog! I have another 6 pending blogs and I promise to finish them without any delay!

On our third day of florida trip, we wanted to spend the whole day at Everglades National Park. Everglades, famous for crocodiles and alligators and other reptiles, is the largest subtropical wilderness in United States. Although, we knew it was the wrong season (wet season) to visit the park, we were determined to encounter some alligators!

We started early from our hotel, however, on the way, experienced one of the heaviest rain of our lives. We were on the freeway when it started raining and visibility was down to zero. We had to take an exit and lookout for a shelter. We parked our car and went to Dunkin’ Donuts. Generally people of Florida are acquainted with storms and rain during this season. They are well informed about forecast as well. However, that day everyone looked surprised! When I inquired about the forecast and what should I expect, I was told it might take 1 hour to clear up or more than 4 hours! *sigh*…
After one hour, there was a ray of hope. Rain
Airboat RideAirboat RideAirboat Ride

Airboat rides are available in alligator farms just outside the NP
almost stopped. We hurried to reach the park before rain starts again.

On the way to the national park, we saw a board of Everglades Alligator Farm. We had heard a lot about such alligator farms which are just outside the national park boundaries. We were right on time for the air-boat ride followed by a snake-show! They air boat ride was so much fun! We saw 10s of reptiles swimming around. We also got our pictures clicked with snakes around our necks!

Wet season is “mosquito-season” at Everglades. We were naïve enough to think that being Indians, we are immune to such mosquitoes! These insects and mosquitoes were way bigger than normal mosquitoes… we were sold a couple of mosquito repellents and some after-bite lotions to protect us from these mosquitoes.. but alas! There was no way to avoid them!

We did a couple of trails including Pineland trail and Anhinga trail. We saw 3-4 gators, 2-3 turtles, and millions of mosquitoes. We also went to Flamingo Visitors center which is located deep inside the national park. This was the wrong season to go there. In dry season, you can do number of boating related activities in this area.

We left everglades before it was too dark and drove north to our base camp Boca Raton.

Although, we were face to face with number of reptiles at Everglades, we were a bit unhappy with mosquito bites. However, it did not take away all the fun as we knew we were visiting the park during the wrong season.

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Snake & ISnake & I
Snake & I

No.. I wasn't scared!

at Crocodile Farm

25th April 2009

stunning pictures
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