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We have gone to Crystal River, FL twice to swim with manatees. 2005 and 2007. It's cheapest to go through Best Western Hotel.... read more

This was a great trip and I’m glad that we planned it. Jaime, Rana, Rana’s daughter, and Rana’s friend Wanda, all met me and Sophie at our house and we drove up to the Rainbow River where we met up with Mike, Sherri, and their two kids. Locating the park entrance for the tubing turned out to be a bit of a challenge as there are several entrances to the park. We rented our tubes and were off for a day of relaxation, floating leisurely down the river and getting some sun (I got a bit too much sun myself). There were lots of others on the river with us, as it was a nice weekend, but they were all very nice and one man actually gave us some rope to tie our tubes together. There ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Crystal River December 31st 2012

After St. Petersburg we headed back to nature. Up in Crystal Springs is an area with constant 72 degrees Fahrenheit (about 22 degrees Celcius) which attracts lots and lots of manatees when the temperature in the Sea drops below 68 degrees in winter. The manatees in turn attracts snorkler and kayakers, and in this case also us. We had read the best time to see the Manatees is in the morning, so we decided to rent kayaks starting from sun rise and also booked a hotel in town for the night. With the preparations done we went to see some Manatees from a bridge over the stream leading to the spring and actually were able to spot a few gliding under the bridge. The manathees were however swimming at deeper water so we didn't see them ... read more
River views on our way to see manatees
Manatee snorklers

While in Florida last weekend we took Mom and Dad to Crystal River to swim with the manatees. We had a blast swimming with a young manatee calf for over an hour. Our guide knew the calf as "Baby Scratch". She was about 10 months old, approximately 6 feet long and weighed about 400 pounds! She was very curious about us and when we would touch her side she would roll around as if begging for more! It was an amazing experience we will definitely plan to do again in the winter months when there are as many as 500 manatees in the river.... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Crystal River February 21st 2012

I woke to a text message signal and thought it was from Dedie with a message she missed the plane. But it turned out to be a picture from Dave to show me the naked attic in their new -old house. They had a demolition party over the long weekend and got everything accomplished. Yeh crew!! After the usual coffee and meditation I was walking Oscar when someone told me there was a manatee and her baby in the spring. Well the poor dog got ushered back to the camper, I had my camera complete with telephoto and hurriedly made for the spring. She was just on her way out so I had to run to get a little ahead to get to the platform where I could capture their image. The current is very strong, ... read more
Baby or teenager
can't resist the egrets

North America » United States » Florida » Crystal River February 20th 2012

The temp was 52 inside the camper when I opened my eyes and Oscar was already in bed. That’s why I was so warm. What a great temp to sleep by. Same routine at a leisurely pace. Oscar and I walked in the woods for a while then headed back because it was a have-to day. I had to get the oil changed in the camper. Unhooking didn’t take long then it was stow all the stuff that would fly. We were on the road for town by 10:30. I found Walmart and after a little time passed we got registered for the necessary maintenance. I had to lock Oscar in the bathroom so he didn’t eat the guy driving the van into the service area. I went shopping and bought flip-flops, water, milk and nail ... read more
setting sun
blue green water of the spring
so clear

North America » United States » Florida » Crystal River February 19th 2012

Despite the fact that I went to bed at 9:30 last night I slept til 7 this morning almost non-stop. Lots of hiking, that’s the key. No television or internet or friends so I have had to adjust. I laid in bed with my coffee reading my book of awakening and really listening to the lesson of the day. I have missed this introspective time. Oscar and I were out the door after breakfast to hike to the sink hole. It turns out to be several sink holes and a study in different elevations and the effect on the vegetation. In the swampy areas there are cypress trees with all their knees, dripping in Spanish moss. Then just an elevation change of 10 feet and there is a whole new world. There are live oaks, hickory, ... read more
plants move aside
my favorite tree so far
cypress trees

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PAT! Thursday morning we left the marina and cruised all the way next door, about 50’, for fuel. After taking on nearly 60 gallons of diesel, we were ready to head north again. We’ve got full fuel tanks, full water tanks, clean clothes and clean bodies. Let’s go. We cruised on, heading for Cedar Keys. The gulf waters were just a little choppy as we started out, but the wind picked up through the afternoon and the waves got steeper. We decided to head in to Crystal River. We knew that with a cold front on the way, we would probably be stuck here for several days. Since I had charted a fairly straight course for Cedar Keys, by the time we decided to go to Crystal River, we were about 12 miles offshore. ... read more
Beautiful water
Stirring up the waters

North America » United States » Florida » Crystal River April 15th 2011

Nu zittend in mijn nieuwe verblijf voor de komende 6 maanden zit ik dan het verhaal te schrijven over mijn tijd in Florida. In die tijd is weer veel gebeurd en in tegenstelling tot mijn eerste week in Crystal River ben ik nu eindelijk wel een beetje goed opgeschoten met vliegen. Het laatste nieuws wat ik had geschreven uit Florida is dat er een breed front overkwam met meerder keren tornado waarschuwingen. Dat schoot niet echt op voor het vliegen. Die tijd was er ook een grote vliegshow in Lakeland iets van 130 zuidelijker waar iets van 75 vliegtuigen zijn verwoest doordat er een tornado overheen raasde. Meerdere mensen die daar heen waren geweest vlogen ook weer via Crystal River terug naar het noorden. Ik had ff contact met iemand die er ook vandaan kwam. Hij ... read more
cockpit Citabria

North America » United States » Florida » Crystal River March 30th 2011

Na een vlugge start zal ik ook maar een vervolg geven aan mijn blog. Het is ondertussen alweer ruim een week verder en ik heb mijn belangrijkste stap hier ook al gezet. Afzonderlijk van het vliegen was mijn hoofddoel in Florida toestemming te verkrijgen van de FAA (Amerikaanse luchtvaart autoriteiten) om examens te mogen doen voor mijn A&P (mijn Amerikaanse onderhoudspapieren). Ik moet daar alle examens opnieuw doen en om dit te mogen doen moet ik toestemming krijgen van de FAA. Dit heb ik nodig om in Amerika of Canada hetzelfde werk te mogen doen als ik in Nederland doe. Tevens komt dit handig uit als ik straks kan vliegen en mijn eigen vliegtuig kan repareren mocht ik ergens stuk staan in the outback. De dag nadat ik aankwam had ik al meteen ’s ochtends gebeld ... read more
M&M store
flipflop store
Shanna and I

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