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December 29th 2011
Published: December 30th 2011
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Early morning this morning..!! Drove down to Massena to catch the 7am flight out to Albany (on to Boston). Man, the things we do for cheap flights.

The border was a ghost town, so we had fun chatting with the guard. Tracy's family drove us down, so when we gave all the passports over it was kind of like "ok who doesn't belonggggg" haha. He was good though - he joked around with us about how we're going to see "the Mouse" and all that jazz.

We got to the airport before it was open, so drove back into town for coffee at McD's... which also wasn't open yet. The owner made us wait outside for 20min - we weren't too pleased considering he was supposed to open at 5am (only let us in at 5:15). Once we got back to the airport, we were once again too early and had to wait for the staff to arrive lol. At least we got inside though.

Our flight from Massena-Albany-Boston was spent on two little cessna 402s! Those tiny little planes that only sit 8 people + the pilot. It was cute bc once we squished ourselves in there the pilot just turned around to talk to us about the "safety rules" (ie no phones and where the door is). Pilot then just turned around and away we went!

We didn't get very far - we circled once and came back down bc a flap on the wing wouldn't stay down. A few checks and off we went again! The flight was oddly smooth - the views were great since we didn't go all that high, and it was fun to see the kajillion buttons on the dashboard. It was also fun to sit on the runway in Boston and wait for giant 747s to land in front of us, making sure we didn't get squished lol.

One thing that wasn't fun - we sat in the back row on the way to Albany and I was too tall haha - I couldn't sit straight up. Oh well.

We had a short layover in Boston, then headed over to Washington where we had a sizeable layover... but we spent the time playing cards and charging all our stuff. Our final flight (finally!) to Orlando was cute - some kids were sitting in front of us and
View out the doorView out the doorView out the door

(door folded up into the side of the plane)
were pointing out the Memorials and the Capitol as we flew off.

Hotel in Celebration (just outside Orlando/Disney) is actually quite nice for being a hotwire $30/night gem, and the location is good - we're surrounded by everything you'd need. The gift stores up and down the road are sketchy though haha - it certainly looks weird at night.

So, long day but thankfully despite all the plane changes we ran into no problems 😊 Now the real fun begins tomorrow!

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Creepy gift store near hotelCreepy gift store near hotel
Creepy gift store near hotel

Note his crazy eyes

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