Day 1 - Cruising Day

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January 26th 2015
Published: January 30th 2015
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Bus BoardingBus BoardingBus Boarding

Sam is the driver! Really??
We are back from the cruise now....what follows is my journey log of all of it. Happy Sailing, Happy Reading, Happy Days. Welcome aboard The Enchantment of the Seas! -

Day 1- Cruise Day -
All aboard.......our week of fun and festivities is about to begin. The group gathered at one of the Sandcastle cottages at Tropical Palms at 10:30 AM. The bus was ready and waiting for us. Bill brought our suitcases over to the bus with his golf cart. Otherwise, we would have had to drag them through the park like homeless people. We truly appreciated it, especially Cory who would have ended up as the exhausted pack horse. We flew across Florida on the bus, landing at Port Canaveral. Check in went smoothly even though I set off the alarms through the magnetic walk-through. Finally, he just let me go on. I have such an innocent face, must be. 😇 Once on board, we flew to the buffet. It was super crowded since that is what everyone else does. It hit the spot...I have to settle down and not think that every morsel of food I see does not have to be consumed. It won't be easy. We made
The Gangs All Here and Ready To Go! The Gangs All Here and Ready To Go! The Gangs All Here and Ready To Go!

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round....
our way to our staterooms. We are located right next door to Sam & Sandy which is perfect. It is just like reliving last year's memory. The crew won't open the doors between our balconies so we have to hang over the side to chat or call through a small crevice between the separating glass door. It's like a puppet show with the curtain drawn. Cory and I wandered around the ship. We still have no clue where anything is but what we saw is beautiful. Sam & Sandy joined us. To get to the main dining hall, we had to pass through the Casino. We have sized up the slot machines and crap the hard six. The formal dining room is wonderful. We just sit there and the waiter does everything for us except to chew the food. This is my kind of dining experience. I ordered: shrimp cocktail, escargot, prime rib and a carrot cake. Yummy. On the menu was Cory's favorite dessert that he also ordered all the time on last year's cruise: chocolate sensation. Even yummier. One of the couples who sat our table was Jimmy and Nancy. Jimmy worked at Buffalo's Republic Steel when
Hold the Boat; We are Coming! Hold the Boat; We are Coming! Hold the Boat; We are Coming!

Our Ship: The Enchantment of the Seas
Cory did. They didn't know each other then but have tales to tell and share now. Such a small world. Isn't it? After dinner, we found our way to one of the shows. It was a comedy show and the fellow was very good. But wait...something was pulling us when we got out of the show. We were pulled back into the casino. Yep....gambling time. Cory was on the crap table and I found my favorite slot machine: Wild Cherry. Today wasn't our day. I lost as usual and Cory didn't work the hard six like he usually does. Moving on.....we trolled the decks. Stopping in various bars for a relaxing drink and good entertainment. Got too relaxed and decided it was time to call it a night. Remember we are not as young as we used to more 4:00 AM outings. I don't even remember falling sleep. It happened so fast. Our bed is very low to the you see in a nursing home so the patients can't get up alone to get out of bed plus if they should fall out of bed, they don't have far to tumble. We did neither. I thought I would have
The Pilot BoatThe Pilot BoatThe Pilot Boat

And a Tug Boat... Taken from our balcony
to roll out of bed to get upright but I managed without too much shame and pain. It's chilly out here at sea. Wore my coat and long pants. Couldn't leave the door of the balcony open or we would be frozen to death by morning. It has to get warmer going this far south...right? Say, YES. I am well rested now so get your coffee and a comfy chair as I take you through Day 2. Are you having fun? Great! Life on the High Seas is fabulous. I'll tell the Captain you all said "Hi".

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Lulu Loves ThisLulu Loves This
Lulu Loves This

Posing at a big window and on a statue
The Centrum The Centrum
The Centrum

....and a resting spot for the travelers
Lulu at Casino Entrance: On the Floor! Lulu at Casino Entrance: On the Floor!
Lulu at Casino Entrance: On the Floor!

Trying a small pop later....lick, lick Lulu quietly rested with a stranger

My Wild Cherry Slot Machine Cory warming up his throwing arm on the crap table
Our Dining Table FriendsOur Dining Table Friends
Our Dining Table Friends

Sam, Sandy, Nancy, Jimmy, Cory, John, Diane
Friends & FoodFriends & Food
Friends & Food

Old Steel Workers: Jimmy & Cory Escargots Chocolate Sensation Carrot Cake
On Sam & Sandy's Balcony On Sam & Sandy's Balcony
On Sam & Sandy's Balcony

Cory Playing Craps The Show Theater

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