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Published: June 21st 2017
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The Washington MonumentThe Washington MonumentThe Washington Monument

Jan 20 2016 106 The Washington Monument
Geo: 38.8921, -77.0241

This morning we caught taxis to our prebooked Washington Monument Tour. This was very enjoyable, we were whisked up in the lift to the top of the Monument, where the views were but better than I had anticipated. As with the other days, it was very cold, but still fine and sunny, so the views over the city were quite spectacular.

After we finished at the Monument, we walked to the Museum of Natural History. Just like the Air and Space Museum yesterday, we could have spent many, many hours. Sadly, we only had a few, so we selected areas of interest and concentrated on them. Unfortunately, I particularly wanted to see the Hope Diamond, but the exhibit was closed for some reason.

After leaving the Natural History Museum, we popped into the Museum of Art. The others weren't so interested in paintings, which is why they didn't accompany us to the Met in New York, but I managed to convince them to have a look at a lot of "famous" paintings for no charge at the Smithsonian. I think they really enjoyed it!

There was an excellent café in the Museum so we all stopped to give our
Views from the top of the MonumentViews from the top of the MonumentViews from the top of the Monument

Jan 20 2016 112 Views From The Washington Monument
feet a much-needed rest as well as have a bite to eat. After lunch we went to the National Archives to see the US Constitution, The Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence, among many other amazing documents.

That was the last of the Smithsonian Museums for the day. Next on the agenda was seeing some of the monuments. We caught the DC Circulator bus to the Jefferson Memorial. After spending some time admiring this, we walked to the FDR Memorial and then continued to the Lincoln Memorial. Along the way we also saw the Korean War Veterans and the Martin Luther King Memorials. The walk didn't look like it would be too far, but in reality was quite a long walk, particularly as the day was ending and the icy wind was picking up.

We used a combination of DC Circulator and the Metro to return us to Foggy Bottom and the walk to our hotel. All the others were taking in a basketball game that night, but G and I were tired so decided to eat at Dish in the hotel. We had a delicious meal of duck spring rolls and roast chicken. As we were
Museum of Natural HistoryMuseum of Natural HistoryMuseum of Natural History

Jan 20 2016 159 Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
finishing up, we looked out the window and it was snowing!

We have been so lucky and have got to see snow in Boston, New York and now DC. Luckily not enough snow to be a problem so far.

Additional photos below
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Albino SquirrelAlbino Squirrel
Albino Squirrel

Jan 20 2016 170 Albino Squirrel Outside the Smithsonian National Gallery of Art
National Gallery of ArtNational Gallery of Art
National Gallery of Art

Jan 20 2016 171 The Smithsonian National Gallery of Art
Thomas Jefferson MemorialThomas Jefferson Memorial
Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Jan 20 2016 186 Thomas Jefferson Memorial Washington DC
Lincoln MemorialLincoln Memorial
Lincoln Memorial

Jan 20 2016 215 Lincoln Memorial Washington DC
Statue of LincolnStatue of Lincoln
Statue of Lincoln

Jan 20 2016 221 Statue of Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial Washington DC
View of the Monument from Lincoln MemorialView of the Monument from Lincoln Memorial
View of the Monument from Lincoln Memorial

Jan 20 2016 222 View of the Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial Washington DC
Light Snow at the River InnLight Snow at the River Inn
Light Snow at the River Inn

Jan 20 2016 227 Gentle Snow Outside the River Inn

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