A Disappointing Amtrak Trip to DC

Published: June 21st 2017
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View of Potomac from River InnView of Potomac from River InnView of Potomac from River Inn

Jan 18 2016 02 View of Potomac from our Lounge Room at River Inn
Geo: 38.8921, -77.0241

Sadly, we had to leave New York, and our daughters, to travel by Amtrak to Washington DC.

We taxied to Union Station and proceeded to find a Red Cap to assist the eight of us with all of our luggage. The Red Cap area was packed, and there were lots of others trying to get assistance too. We lined up and when our turn came we gave them our train details, which were the same as the family after us in line. The Red Cap desk told us and the other families where to leave our luggage. We deposited our bags and went off to grab sandwiches for lunch along the way.

It got closer and closer to our train time, but still the Red Cap hadn't come for our group, or the other families waiting. When it was only five minutes to go, I went up to the desk to discover that they had all of us listed for the wrong train – one not leaving for another hour!

Once they realised they attempted to rush us all, a largish group of around 20 people by now, through the massive crowds and down to the platform and the train. They luckily
Massive Farmhouse Platter at Founding FarmersMassive Farmhouse Platter at Founding FarmersMassive Farmhouse Platter at Founding Farmers

Jan 18 2016 04 Farmhouse Platter at Founding Farmers Restaurant Washington Dc
held the train for us, but we were all so late there was nowhere convenient to deposit our luggage or to have any hope of sitting together. The train departed and G walked through the train and came back to get us as he had found an emptyish carriage. We all hauled ourselves and our bags to the end, only to find it was a Quiet Car. Hardly suitable for our large rowdy group! Luckily we moved into the next carriage and managed to find seats scattered throughout and to wedge our bags between seats and wherever we could find a spot.

After the brilliant experience with Red Caps in Boston, this was a major let down. I don't think I would bother with them if we ever catch trains in New York again. The saddest part is that my husband still tipped the Red Cap only find that S did too. Double tips for zero service!

We arrived safely and on time to an extremely cold Washington DC. We taxied to our hotel, the River Inn, which was lovely. We got settled into our rooms, which were all suites with kitchens and lounge/dining rooms. There was a small restaurant and bar in the lobby so we met down there for a drink before heading to a restaurant highly recommended on Trip Advisor, Founding Farmers. We had a reservation, but the place was jammed, even on a Monday night. It was almost a one hour wait to get our table, but happily the food was as good as we had read about.

We walked back to our hotel quite late ready for a good sleep before starting to explore the city.


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