Washington - at last

Published: July 29th 2016
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four days and three nights in a moving cupboard on a train. Rumour has it that the chairs fold into a bed. This worked for us but I donT know how most of the locals even fitted through the doorway let alone the seats. We were supposed to have internet on the train but this didn't happen ergo no posts until now. the scenery for the first few days was wonderful and due to the practice of seating people at meals with other random travellers we did meet quite a few different people. We even found some people that actually followed our unique form of English. The trains obviously do not run according to schedule and we barely made our connection in Chicago and then we arrived late into DC as well. I doubt that any of the trains ever run on time. We took heaps of photographs of the Rockies etc and found the open spaces far more interesting than the locals do. Nothing says "we are not from here" like photographing a cornfield on a an endless plain. We did seem to have a diproportionate number of various religious groups on the trains (we even had dinner with an Amish couple) lots of JW and a few other extremists thrown in. It was pretty much a fruit loop express. Crossed the Mississippi (Photo) Washington is hot and very easy to get around. We even went to the Whitehouse (see photo) of course we were wondering if the service is so secret why do they put it on the side of their cars? Tomorrow we start the culture tour.


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