Visiting Family in the Capital

Published: November 4th 2007
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Our second stop was to visit Lara´s aunt Jill, who lives outside Washington DC. After a red-eye flight from LA Jill picked us up very early in the morning and then we went out to ´see America´. Our first stop was Harpers Ferry, an historic town known for its part in the abolition of slavery. It was absolutely pouring with rain and by the time we had gotten to the museum we were dripping! We quickly headed back to the house, showered and slept.

On our second day in Maryland we got up late and headed down to Fort Frederick - which was a fort in the French-Indian War many years ago. We then had some pie by the C&O canal before heading to a little town with hot springs - famous for having been the bathing place of George Washington! In the evening we went and had Thai with some of Jill and Mary-Ann´s friends, before seeing a fantastic one woman play. She played 9 different Iraqi women, which sounds a bit odd, but was powerful and fascinating!

We spent a large portion of our 3rd day hiking the Appalachian Trail which goes through the mountains for 2,000 miles on the east coast of America. It was lovely and we were rewarded by a great view over the Potomac River at the end.

An early start and the two of us were off to Washington DC to see the usual stuff. We started with Capitol Hill, then the Museum of the American Indian. And then we headed for Al´s favourite - the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. It was almost impossible to drag him away! We also saw George W´s house, the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. A busy day before poor Jill took us back to the airport for our early morning flight to Guatemala!

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5th November 2007

one woman play
You clearly haven't seen me when i'm having a "moment". I can play a number of different Aussie women- without a script. When I do it, it's powerful and somewhat scary. Sounds like you're having an awesome time though! How come there wasn't anyone at Disneyland anyway? xox

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