A Day in DC

Published: November 2nd 2007
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This trip begins very early in the morning, since I’m trying to get to Washington DC as quickly as possible. I’m at the Frankfurt Airport two and a half hours before my 0835 flight. Sixteen hours ago I was walking around Downtown Heidelberg, snapping photos of the snowy scenery, when I received a phone call from my husband. After he said, “I’m having surgery tomorrow,” all plans changed and I was off to Walter Reed Hospital to be there for him just as he comes out of his back surgery.

This trip was only a week long for me, as I had to return to work in Germany while Seth remained in the States to heal. During my trip to the outskirts of our capitol city, the two of us spent most of our time relaxing, which included hours of hanging out at Borders (I was excited to browse books in English), Starbucks, and multiple trips to one of my favorite restaurants that Germany deprives me of: Chick-fil-A.

It’s possible that the drugs were making him feel better than he should have, but after days in the hospital and days hanging around the hotel, we decided to spend a
U.S. CapitolU.S. CapitolU.S. Capitol

Taken from the National Mall in the direction of the Capitol Hill.
few hours touring Washington DC.

There is a Metro stop right outside our hotel and we take it to the Smithsonian stop in the city. This lets us out near the National Mall, just in between the U.S. Capitol and the Washington Monument. The large, grassy area of the National Mall, and later the West Potomac Park, lead me to question why our nation’s capitol takes such poor care of its landscaping… how hard is it to plant some grass?

It was very hot in town and we were both regretful of our chosen attire. There was an occasional breeze through the mildly crowded city. I was ever disappointed to keep finding dried-up water fountains (and plagued by dehydration), but both the drinking fountains and the decorative fountains of the Roosevelt Monument were off. I had considered that maybe we had just come during the off-season, but that didn’t seem to make any sense with the famous cherry blossoms beginning to bloom, and only one week until the predicted peak bloom. Either way, our day was fairy enjoyable. And we finished it off with lunch at the Hard Rock Café before heading back to the hotel in the
The Washington MonumentThe Washington MonumentThe Washington Monument

Taken from the National Mall.
late afternoon.

It was a strange trip. We did get some nice photos out of it anyway. Though it ended in much the same mood as it began, with me being denied a seat on my flight home and discovering, upon reviewing my phone messages at home, that I had been infected with mono again (which explained the tiredness and nausea). Also, our travels together don’t usually end with me heading home alone.

Additional photos below
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The Cherry BlossomsThe Cherry Blossoms
The Cherry Blossoms

The famous Cherry Blossoms were just beginning to bloom.
Across the Tidal BasinAcross the Tidal Basin
Across the Tidal Basin

This photo shows the Washington Monument as well as the White House in the distance.
The DC War MemorialThe DC War Memorial
The DC War Memorial

This impressive little monument is fairly hidden - I can't even find it on the maps I have.
The Washington Monument and Reflecting PoolThe Washington Monument and Reflecting Pool
The Washington Monument and Reflecting Pool

Taken from the Lincoln Memorial.
The White HouseThe White House
The White House

The blurriness of the photo shows that we really didn't go by the White House - this is as close as we got.

13th November 2007

DC must be beautiful when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. I think my favorite part was my tour of the US Capitol.

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