A quick note from Washington.

Published: July 16th 2012
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Hi everyone!

Sorry it has been so long since I last posted a blog... I have been travelling across the USA and staying at campsites so I've not had any access to computers until now. At the moment I'm in Washinton DC, on Day 19 of 21! I can't believe it's nearly over already! By the time I make it to New York City in a few days I'll have travelled nearly 2500 miles across the country from West to East. I've seen so many amazing sights and I'm sure I've made a couple of friends for life along the way.

Unfortunately I can't seem to upoad any photos on this computer... typical! I've managed to steal one from Facebook which one of my friends had already uploaded, it's my tour group at Monument Valley. That'll have to do for now!

Since I last blogged I've changed some of my travel plans. When I arrive in New York on Tuesday I'm still planning to head off to Montreal the next day and I'll be hanging out there for a week. However, instead of heading back to New York right away I'm now flying to Toronto and spending a few nights there before catching the train to Niagara Falls. I'll be back in New York on the 30th July just in time to meet my mum! Tres exciting! I can't wait to explore Washington DC tomorrow... I'll made sure I take lots of photos to show you guys when I finally get access to a decent PC!

Gotta run. Hope everyone's ok at home... have you actually had any sunny days yet?! Last I heard it was nothing but rain. Stupid British 'summertime'.

Much love,


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