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Published: November 7th 2011
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Morning of Luminate's Nose-Riding ContestMorning of Luminate's Nose-Riding ContestMorning of Luminate's Nose-Riding Contest

photo by Luminate Surf and Skate
Hey Guys!
This week, for my own nerdy humor, I focused on what some of the Dan's of the world are doing.

Here are few things I thought was worth spreading the word about! If you are in the area, definitely get involved. Make this world smaller, make more connections.

1. Surfers with Soul: Dan Hassett and Illuminate Surf Co.
Dan Hassett and company have been revolutionizing surfing in the North East for the past few years, recalling the energy and passion of soul surfers prior, their surf brand Luminate was expanded from the Marshfield shop in honor the late rider Bob Pollard.

Always throwing an event to expand their community and in promotion of surf culture everywhere, Luminate just held their 3rd Annual Bob Pollard Nose-riding Memorial at Rexhame Beach, MA on Sunday. More fun festivities are sure to come.

Dan and crew offer lessons in surfing, skateboarding and paddle boarding, equipment rental and camps. They are always throwing some sort of event.

To find out more:

2. Volver: Danny Ramirez, Once Upon a Time in Puerto Rico
Travel through Puerto Rico with Film maker Danny Ramirez as he returns to
Luminate teamLuminate teamLuminate team

photo by Corey Conant
Puerto Rico after living most of his life in the United States.

Still in the process of filming, Once Upon a Time in Puerto Rico's blog documents with the fresh eyes of this returning native as he sets out to create a portrait of his country. Reporting on the environment, culture, sociology and politics, Danny discloses:

"It has served as a model for tolerance of cultural differences during acceptance of governing ideals that promote human rights and equality. However, this strong positive force is under assault now more than ever. There has been considerable decay in that comradery and love due to the fear and disparity brought on by escalating violence, a failing economy, a polluted environment and a culturally detached newer generation."

Through these dispatches, audiences are introduced to the island commonwealth of Puerto Rico and are brought on the adventure as Once Upon a Time in Puerto Rico takes shape.

Follow Danny and crew here:

3. A Dan Abroad: Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott's travel blog "Uncornered Market"
Stories communicate information in a different way. We can learn from the challenges of others. Perhaps that is why blogs have become so popular.
Puerto Rico RainforestPuerto Rico RainforestPuerto Rico Rainforest

Photo from the Film's blog
As part of my media diet, I follow this couple's adventures who (quoted on their About page)n are "Measuring the Earth with our feet. Driven by curiosity, guided by respect". Inspiring and exciting, Dan and Audrey detail their thrilling adventures on Uncornered Market with reflective prose and striking photographs. I highly recommend checking in to see where these two are up to.

Uncornered Market:

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Filming Once a Time in Puerto RicoFilming Once a Time in Puerto Rico
Filming Once a Time in Puerto Rico

Photo from the Film's blog

Photo from the Film's blog

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