Arlington Cemetery - Washington

Published: July 15th 2011
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So, plan was to do the zoo today... but that changed due to hour-conflicts. Ahem.

I started the day by going to Arlington Cemetery. It's quite the impressive and solemn sight - row, upon row of tombstones. The Cemetery is insanely large to walk around, but I saw most of it. I also watched the Changing of the Guard for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Afterwards, instead of taking the metro like a normal person, I thought "hey, there's a bridge. I'll just cross over the Potomac River to Washington DC!" thinking that it would bring me RIGHT to the Jefferson Memorial.

Yeahhhh. I was wrong.

First off, bridge was longer than I thought. Then I realized it brought me to the Lincoln Memorial and that it was another 20min walk to Jefferson, plus another 20min to a metro station afterwards... after already walking for almost 3hrs... yeahhhh, I decided against that.

Instead I trekked up to the metro and decided to go shopping - good plan =)

At night, Dad drove me back to the Jefferson Memorial... that worked well.
And then we had supper at Union Station (hello Johnny Rockets again!) and drove around for a bit.

Now, tomorrow I'm doing the zoo for sure!


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