June 4 Wiley Shelter, NY to Mt Algo Shelter, CT 12.4 Miles

Published: June 8th 2009
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The rain made it to the tent about midnight and the fly was damp the rest of the night. A couple more hikers came into the shelter after we had retired. We crawled out of the tent about 6:15 this morning. The rain had stopped earlier but the trees held more water than a wet duck dog. Making breakfast I was talking with the new hikers. Turns out that one of them was the son of a co-worker of our son-in-law in Rochester, NY. Both of us knew about the other and had been on the lookout hoping not to miss the each other. We spent some extra time talking instead of packing. We both were a bit late getting out of the shelter. We pulled out around 8:30.

We dropped down to the Connecticut state line and out of New York. Our welcome to CT was a 1,000' climb up Ten Mile Hill. The trail only covered four miles of the hill so we are not sure where the missing six miles went. After two hours out we made a shelter where the sun was toasty and had enough room to do the Chinese laundry drill. The tent and all its parts were strung from trees and the shelter to dry out from last night’s rain. An hour later we were back on the trail. Only three major uphill climbs today, thankfully they were spread out so we got a rest between climbs.

We met another guy from Rochester, NY doing a northbound section. We leapfrogged with each other all day. He has been working on section hiking the AT since 2000 and still has about 900 miles left to do. The weather warmed up and walking was pleasant. I still sweated like I was walking in a rain storm.

We made the shelter by 3:50PM arriving to a vacant building. Having first pick of tent sites we grabbed the flattest one. Carl from Rochester came in 40 minutes later. Supper was filling and now the sky is clouding over. The barometer is dropping so I think we are in for more rain tonight. If it does we won't be too upset. Tomorrow our youngest daughter is picking us up 8/10 mile from here. We are going to spend the night at her house. Everything will be cleaned and dried before returning to the trail on Saturday.

Patrick, Deborah Mooney aka OD & CC
All Who Wander Are Not Lost

For Photos and Video: http://odandccslongwalk.shutterfly.com/

OD and CC have been marking their path with a GPS using SPOT Satellite Messenger and can be tracked at the following link. It keeps track of their last 7 days: http://tinyurl.com/o2g53z


25th April 2010

landstar driver
are you the landstar driver that i conversed with @ the truckstop north side of milwaukee this winter or almost spring? have fun be safe tony

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