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North America » United States » Connecticut » New Canaan October 29th 2012

Geo: 41.1481, -73.493There's something odd about Amtrak trains - you buy 'reserved coach' seats (that's standard class) but they don't allocate you seats. So you get on two stops after the start and its a real struggle to find two seats together! So Liz decided we would hijack two seats for handicapped travellers and no-one, not even the conductor, seemed to mind. And we were met at Stamford station by David.Immediately the problems posed by Hurricane Sandy presented themselves. Our next train was booked for Monday, and Thursday we have a flight booked to Charleston. Should we leave on Sunday instead, as the weather got worse it seemed unlikely the Monday evening trains would run, and then we got the e-mail from Amtrak telling us our Monday train was, indeed, cancelled. So we now have an ... read more
Building the dam
The closest tree to take out power lines

North America » United States » Connecticut » New Canaan September 11th 2011

Getting ready to leave the house for an extended trip (i.e. 1 month + ) is probably one of the least interesting activities known to "man". I have packed, repacked, and reread everything Arcadia has given me. While my excitement for the "traveling" portion of this trip may be dwindling given the current date, I am still extremely excited to go out on my own and experience something completely independent from my friends and family. Sorry guys, but it's time we part for a semester as I gain my independence in London...even though London is like classy America... Anyways, this blog will serve as a connection or a link if you will between those I have left behind (just for a semester!). I am looking forward to coming home and sharing all of my adventures with ... read more

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