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October 23rd 2011
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October 23-Sunday – Manitou Springs
Today went by Safeway on Colorado Ave which has an impact machine for Wells Fargo Bank. BOA doesn’t have any banks in Colorado that I know or; at least I haven’t seen any. In any case when I went to insert my card I noticed that there was money sticking out of the cash dispenser slot. So I took it out and it was $100. Since it was Sunday the bank was closed I had the manager of the store called and told him what had happened and I was sure some frantic person would be coming back in a few minutes when they realized what had happened. So I gave it to him and did some shopping. After I got my Greek Yogurt which was what I had come for I was using the customer service counter to set my package on while I was putting the receipt in my wallet and at that second a man came in and said he had left some money in the ATM and asked if anyone had turned it in. I tapped him on the shoulder and said I had left it with the manager and how odd
it was that he came back in at the same second I was standing there…..odd.
After this I went to Manitou Springs as I had decided earlier in the day to check out PJ’s Bistro there as it had a lot of good reviews in Tripadvisor. I had a PJ’s Bowl which was about 8 Pierogis with caramelized Onions and spinach on the side. It was a little greasy but otherwise very good. I ate on the terrace and had a good view of Manitou Avenue and people watched as I ate. I just had water with it as I really don’t like sugary soft drinks. And drinking and driving is just plain stupid.
After eating I strolled and shopped Manitou Avenue but didn’t buy anything. I refilled my 20oz Ozarka water bottle with water from Cheyenne Spring. The water fell to the earth 20,000 years ago and came from an aquifer a mile deep. It tasted pretty good.
I guess tomorrow I will go by and sign up for another week here. There is still a lot to see and do.
It’s supposed to be a record high tomorrow and then a front will come through with rain Tuesday evening and snow Wednesday. So maybe I will get a few pictures of the mountains around here with snow.


24th October 2011

glad you are having a good time , everything look so peaceful , sounds like you have your plans made for
for the week , your ready for the snow .look like the old west there

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