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September 5th 2011
Published: September 8th 2011
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ALMA, Colo. - I am thoroughly pissed off this evening.
I was all set to make a run up to Frisco for a battery and some Zatarain's jambalaya mix to prepare for dinner this evening when I found my starter button has crapped out again.
I had it replaced in July, 2010, for nearly $500. The new right combination switch went wonky on me as I rode home from Las Vegas. The starter button refused to work for about 10 pushes in Steve's garage on a Monday morning, then fired and fired on the first push for the rest of the trip. The turn signal cancelling button stopped working about 4 hours from home a couple of days later.
I took the bike up to Grass Roots BMW Motorcycles in Cape Girardeau, Mo., a few weeks later and the techs wasted more than $200 of my money on labor before concluding there was nothing wrong with it.
I think the problem is probably in the cable from the combo switch where it connects to whatever it connects to and they probably jiggled it into place when they fiddled with it, because it worked fine for several months, before the starter button issue returned a couple of months ago. It's happened a few times on this trip, but it appears to be terminal at this point.
I have two possible remedies. Try to start it in the morning and:
1. If it starts, ride down to Foothills BMW in Denver and let them have at it, or
2. If it won't start, Tim and I will use his trailer to haul it down to Foothills tomorrow afternoon and leave it there for them to repair.
Either way, I won't be leaving for home tomorrow morning as I had hoped.


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