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April 12th 2010
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Glad to find a computer in the lobby of the Super 8; totally unexpected!!
We are in Durrango, about 30 miles east of Mesa Verde.
Yesterday we drove through Colorado on highway 25 south , then onto hwy 160 west.
The drive on 160 was amazing and Rick's first view of the Rockies.

There was snow on the top of the peaks and and skiers at Wolf Creek Pass. Quite ununual to see the snow on the fields as well as the peaks and still be able to drive thru effortlessly; and then , surprise, near the skiiers , on the road, a jogger in shorts. It had to be 60 F outside. Also some on motorcyles and a few really committed to bicycling their trek!
Earlier the same day we saw pronghorn antelopes , and everytime we stopped to take a picture of the group they raced away!! But they were pretty.
We saw a coyote on the snow, sniffing around. He was in a open snow covered section.
So Colorado has been fun so far. It must be one of America's playgrounds as every brochure says come here to ski, snowmobile, fish, hike, and here in Durango there are hot spring baths to partake of.
Kansas on the other hand was ho -hum. Like the praires ; miles and miles of flat or low rolling areas with not much to see, after Topeka that is. Topeka , as you head west, is the last of trees, pretty much until the Rockies in Colorado.
Today we'll visit Mesa Verde; it takes about 2 hours to drive around and then more depending on how long we stay at the lookout spots. And we'll be in Colorado at least one more nite, staying near the Four Corners in Cortez. Four Corners is where these sates meet: Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah.


19th April 2010

on the road with Rick and Ira travelling with you....a pre cursor to my trip....if all goes well....I will go on web cams and follow you.....I have been on the Topeka web cam...and yes...sure is flat...but then I think that is why they have tornado's.....lolo....sounds like you are having a fine news here...just having my a.m. coffee...oh....i did purchase, through bell, a usb plug- in fast internet costs 35 per month.....and works anywere a cell phone works...I drove down Alpine Rd...River Road, and all the way to Powertell...and then i was able to connect with fast speed...I pulled over in the car and checked my mail...was able to view UTube will just not work at home...lolololoo :) xxo love and hugs...darlene

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