Chapter 32--Travels with Cali

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January 8th 2010
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A Wedding SettingA Wedding SettingA Wedding Setting

This photo shows a bit more of the where the wedding occurred.

August 8: Saturday and it is the big day! I just barely finished getting the bouquet done. Most of the flowers we picked up from the florist did not open. We were frantically trying to find white roses at the last minute to finish up. Everybody is rushing around trying to get everything down to the riverfront and set up. The wedding is set for early evening. I got dressed then went to the hotel to take pics of the bride and groom getting ready and also for family pictures. Finally, everyone was at the river and the time had come! As the music started and Rachel came down the curving sidewalk, my camera batteries go dead!!! In all my running around I forgot to change them.! Talk about wanting to cry! I have no pictures of my own of the actual wedding! I can't believe it! I will have to order some from the photographer and post them later, I guess.

All weddings have a story and this one is no exception. Rachel wanted all the attendees to participate in the wedding by lighting hand-held candles while she and Julian had lit their
Putting up the gazeboPutting up the gazeboPutting up the gazebo

Tim, Larry, and Andrew and Frank assembled the gazebo on the dock where the wedding took place. Larry is my ex and grandfather of the bride. Andrew is her cousin.
unity candle. It was going to represent a unity of all the families and friends in support of their marriage. Unfortunately, it had been pretty hot all day and the candles had been in the trunk of one of the cars. When we opened the box to hand out the candles, they were bent in every direction, all looking like they were suffering a horrible case of cramps! We handed them out anyway, and saw some strange expressions on people's faces! On top of this, the evening wind came up just before the wedding started. When we tried to light some of the candles, they went out instantly. So here we all sat with very crooked, unlit candles. When the time of candle lighting came in the ceremony, the minister said “As Rachel and Julian light this candle......” (The wind blew.) He tried again. “As Rachel and Julian light this unity candle.....” (Hear the wind blow) After waiting a few moments, he took a deep breath and spoke again, this time saying, “As Rachel and Julian symbolically light their unity candle....” We all laughed and the ceremony moved on.

After the wedding, most of the guests moved on to

This is my youngest daughter. Her daughter, Tiffany, is the maid of honor.
the restaurant to start the reception. They waited patiently while the photographer took more pictures of the newlyweds and the rest of us hurriedly dismantled the dock and stuffed everything back into the trucks and cars. The reception was great, but very crowded and the air conditioning could not keep up with all the people, so it was warm. I got to visit with my youngest daughter, Jacque, her husband Robert and my grandson Shade. Tiffany was kept pretty busy as maid of honor. I met members of Julian's family for the first time. We all gorged on several varieties of pizza, salads and, of course, wedding cake. There was dancing on the patio on the riverfront. A good time was had by all....especially when the family all got home and collapsed!!!! The saying that night was “One down and one to go!”

August 9: Susan, Frank and I made it to Sunday school and church, but the newly-weds didn't. Surprise, surprise! We took it easy the rest of the day, however.

August 10: Today we unloaded the van and truck, taking all the rented chairs, gazebo, etc. back. I brought all the table arrangements in. I plan
Family PhotoFamily PhotoFamily Photo

From left to right, my daughter Susan, her husband, Frank, my granddaughter and bride, Rachel and her brother (and my grandson) Tim. Isn't she a beautiful bride? (I'm not prejudiced, of course.)
to redo them for the reception for Tim and Priscilla that will be held here in Pueblo after their wedding. That will be in less than four weeks!!

Additional photos below
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Clowning aroundClowning around
Clowning around

My grandson Tim giving everyone a good laugh. The garland of flowers were hung on the gazebo.

My grandson, Shade is Jacque's son and Tiffany's brother. I didn't get a good picture of Robert, my son-in-law.
Cake and flowersCake and flowers
Cake and flowers

Rachel's colors were teal, white and black. You can see the lilies that didn't open. The small arrangement was one of the several I did for tables.

14th January 2010

Was so happy to see another chapter of Cali's travels. Unfortunately, she apparently was not invited to the wedding! Am looking forward to the next chapter so we can see and read about the next wedding. Are you still with your daughter or are you somewhere else?
25th January 2010

The colors of the cake are amazing! I don't even have a boyfriend, yet right now I'd marry someone just to get that cake! But seriously, the pictures are fabulous, and your relay of the events made me laugh! The story about the candles is going to be one of those cool things they can tell their grandkids some day. And by the way, how cool is the name Shade? : ) Keep the updates a'comin!

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