Stub Creek Day 1L

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August 9th 2019
Published: August 11th 2019
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Today was a wonderful day in Stub Creek. The skies were blue and the temperature was a little cool around 55. What a change from St George. We slept in since we had nothing on our agenda today nor any way for any one to contact us with any request or required activities. I enjoyed my coffee on the front porch and watch a squirrel at the top of one of the pine dress attempt to toss pine cones on the ground. The chipmunks were as active as always, not sure they ever sleep. We took a stroll to the back portion of the station. The only think remaining from our old bunk house was the two poles for the cloths line. The old corral was almost useable, but in need of repair. It was the home for our trail building crews two pack horses, the trail maintenance crews two pack horses and the rangers riding horse. Since us kids spent most of the week in the back country without much adult supervision the Ranger periodically took a ride to see if we were actually working and getting accomplished what we should. And of course we were always right on schedule, I think. He was also our demolition expert so he would come up and blast Boulder that were in our way. We were working in a Wilderness area so we couldn’t use any power tools, but we could blow the hell out things. Anyway we did some exploring and then took to the dirt roads and headed to a place on the Wyoming border called Woods Landing. In 1966 it was a cafe, bar and dance hall. It was built in the 30s and the dance floor was built over old railroad box car suspension springs. This gave it some spring and was suppose to help with western dancing. For us youngsters we really didn’t care, but were looking for girls from The university of Wyoming in Laramie who frequented the place on weekends. A great party place in the middle on no where. 25 miles from Laramie and 25 miles from Stub Creek. Well now the place looks about the same, but not much of a party place. Things do change.

Tomorrow we are going to find Deadman’s Lookout. An old fire watch station I use to communicate with.

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