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May 2019 was my last overseas find ancestors in Devon, England (see ) and to walk the Old Way Pilgrim route to Canterbury (see ). In October 2019 I wrote a Planning blog about a trip to Scotland I hoped to visit in September 2020 (see ). Covid-19 deferred that trip for a year. Since May 2019 I have taken a couple of road trips, but nothing deemed worthy enough at the time for a blog. However, with Covid-19 affecting everyone's travel plans I thought I must write about what visits I've done in the last year. Prior to my trip to England in March I flew to South Carolina for a week long reunion with my three sisters. We promised to get together every few years after our Mom died in 2016, and this ... read more
July 2019 Visit to Laguna Beach
July 2019 Visit to Laguna Beach
July 2019 Visit to Laguna Beach

My last post was about training for my pilgrimage on the St. Olavsleden, and specifically about the Denver Broncos 7K Run/Walk in which I failed due to heat and dehydration. Since then I've increased my distances and am a bit more confident that I will be able to build up to the 21 Km maximum distance between farm house accommodations. But this blog is about another unusual event in our town which seems to be attracting more than its share of attention. This weekend is Memorial Day so my daughter Tamara, son-in-law Ryan and grand children Liam, Cecily and Austen came down from Greeley for the weekend. I took them to our newly renovated Memorial Park where they slashed in the stream/pond and played in the play ground. I happened to meet a couple from Alesund, ... read more
Morris Dancers start to arrive at the pavilion at Memorial Park
Morris Dancers in Memorial Park
Morris Dancers in Memorial Park

Today was the kick off of my preparation for walking the S:t Olavsleden pilgrim trail from near the Swedish border to the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway (see ). After a long winter, where my average number of steps per day was about 5,000 (thanks to my Fitbit, a Christmas present) and where my walks for the few good days were about 1 mile (1.6 Km), I really need to be in shape to walk 21 Km...the maximum daily distance on the trail between accommodations...before departing on 4 July, which is only two months away. My hometown of Woodland Park has been fortunate to be the venue for some major events. In August 2014 we hosted the USA Pro Challenge, the US counterpart to the Tour de France (see ). Today we hosted the Broncos 7K ... read more
Milling around before the start with Pikes Peak
Opening ceremonies with Broncos players and cheerleaders
Opening ceremonies with Broncos players and cheerleaders

Roadtrip SW USA...With Home & Away...Colorado way. We have just had a roadtrip through Utah & Arizona to beat all roadtrips...but it may never have happened if it wasn't for Bob. He didn't arrange the polar vortex to lay thick snow on our path through deserts and eroded striated vistas...but I wouldn't begrudge him if he claimed he did. A few months before we left Oz I contacted Bob and said we planned to drop in from Canada on our way to meet other TBers in USA. We had entertained Bob & Linda when they visited Sydney in 2012 ...and the invitation to reciprocate still stood. Within minutes came a message back..."Great news...we'll take you on a roadtrip!" Within hours came a suggested itinerary. Sensational idea...the seed was planted...all it needed was watering. Then the snag... ... read more
Following the Colorado
Denise & Linda...together again
I feel happy...

North America » United States » Colorado » Woodland Park January 7th 2015

One of the pleasures of being a Travelblogger is the opportunity to meet fellow members...we truly are a global family. We first met and his lovely wife Denise on our trip to Australia (see and ) in October 2012. We looked forward to returning their hospitality someday and showing them some of the beauty of the Southwest and Rocky Mountains. We learned in late 2013 that they would be visiting their son in Toronto for Christmas 2014 and hoped that we could be included in a North American itinerary as this would be their first visit to this continent. In November 2014 they confirmed they would be coming this way. We had hoped to be able to join them on a tour of Utah, but their arrival there just before New Years conflicted with our own ... read more
Dancing Dave taking pictures of the deer with Denise looking on
David, Denise, and Linda at the Garden of the Gods
David taking pictures in the Garden of the Gods

North America » United States » Colorado » Woodland Park August 31st 2014

and that's after 5 years of blogging. My most popular blog for some unknown reason is , a rather mundane account of a not too exotic cruise with 783 hits. That's not saying much when the most visited blogs are with 157,192 hits and with 154,874...obviously from those who Google'd Skype. My friend found the word that attracts many Google searches with his most popular blog with 98,299 hits. Anyway, I thought this unimpressive milestone deserved a mention. Wouldn't it be ironic if this blog eventually got the most hits as the only ones who will initially see this blog are my subscribers and Followers...thanks everyone! I have included pictures of fellow TBers who I've met this fall.... read more
Home and Away with Sojourner1208

North America » United States » Colorado » Woodland Park August 22nd 2014

This blog is dedicated to the many Travelbloggers who are bikers (if that is the correct term for those who travel on bicycles as opposed to motorcycles). The US Pro Challenge comes second after the Tour de France in the bicycling touring least according to their organizers (they also call it America's Race). This year the tiny town of Woodland Park, which just happens to be where I live, is the beginning of Stage 5 of this event which ends in Breckenridge. Understandably, we feel honored and are doing everything imaginable to be great hosts for this event. For our TB biker friends, here are some names of the participants (not being a biker, I don't know any of them): Tejay van Garderen (fifth place finisher in last month's Tour de France); Rafat Majka (KOM...or ... read more
USA Pro Challenge - Early morning set up crews at work
USA Pro Challenge - Early Morning in the booth area
USA Pro Challenge - Early morning rehersal

Today my daughter Tamara married Ryan Miller. So the last week has been very full of activities and preparation. It started last Saturday in Denver where we went to pick up our other daughter, Rosanna, at the Denver International Airport. She was flying in from Virginia at 3 pm, but without our son-in-law Evan who couldn't get time off as they had just returned from two weeks in Italy and Greece...they learned about insane itineraries from me! He has used his time since then very productively by finishing the first draft of his doctoral dissertation. He is scheduled to defend his thesis in September and then receive a PhD in Bioinformatics. Also missing was our son Will who is going to law school at Bangor University in Wales. We called him at the last minute to ... read more
Lunch with Ali and Michelle
Rehearsal at Diana's Chapel
Rehearsal at the Chapel

June 4 – Homeandaway - Today I went to Woodland Park to visit a fellow travel blogger Bob known as Homeandaway on the travelblog site. I drove out of Denver on I-25 and the view of the Front Range of the Rockies was splendid. It was partly cloudy and the patchwork view of light and dark areas made the view even better. This is easily one of the most accessible as well as splendid views of the foothills of the Rockies and the Front Range in Colorado. I did have problems with the people behind me because when the speed limit says 75MPH I drive no more than 75MP. When it says 65, I drive 65, when it says 55, I drive 55 and when it says 45 or 30 , I do not exceed those ... read more
Bob with Thai Ice Tea
Thai Tea
Texas Chili

North America » United States » Colorado » Woodland Park April 17th 2013

My last blog was posted from Helsinki just before boarding my flight to London. Because I wanted this to be my last blog for the trip, I forecasted that my subsequent flights home would be uneventful. I admitted to some concern that forecasting the future may result in jinxing the future as fate has a way of wanting to prove us prognosticators wrong. Well, the overnight in London went ok...I didn't spend the evening in London, but relaxed at the hotel instead. And getting out of the tub after a wonderful foot soaking bath in the morning was a bit of a challenge which took about 20 minutes to find a way out. And the wheelchair support at the airport left much to be desired. But the BIG JINX was upon arrival in Dallas/Fort Worth, I ... read more

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