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September 5th 2010
Published: September 18th 2010
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Mountain VillageMountain VillageMountain Village

On the way to the Chuck Jones theater to watch the free tribute to Claudia Cardinale in Mountain Village.
I started the day by taking in a free tribute to Claudia Cardinale, a siren actress from the 60s and 70s mostly from European films, then was pleasantly surprised to see that she was in attendance, watched the first half of her film "The girl with the suitcase", then took off to higher elevations to see if I could get some good photos.

The weather that day had some clouds which affected how well you could see the terrain, but I still took a ton of photos from higher up. My apologies in advance if you grow bored with this section of photos.

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Best picture I have of ClaudiaBest picture I have of Claudia
Best picture I have of Claudia

She was joined by a writer from The New Yorker to answer questions from the audience. She was quite charming. When asked the question "Who was the best kisser?" she responded "I don't know, I have done a lot of kissing!". She meant that she had made many films and of course being in the siren role, her characters were often romantically involved.
Midway up the mountainMidway up the mountain
Midway up the mountain

This view from right below where the Gondola reaches its highest point.
Town of Telluride directly belowTown of Telluride directly below
Town of Telluride directly below

I haven't hiked up that far as yet, but definitely some, and that first hill was a lot of work! Hard to believe I pressed on...
See Forever/LookoutSee Forever/Lookout
See Forever/Lookout

Looking basically North here.
Sully's GullySully's Gully
Sully's Gully

Looking S/SW.
End of the roadEnd of the road
End of the road

If you follow the dirt road in the left half of the picture, that is the route I chose to follow. Here you can see the Tempter House there on the right.
Buzz's Glade/Happy ThoughtBuzz's Glade/Happy Thought
Buzz's Glade/Happy Thought

I guess you are only allowed one happy thought down that double black run, then you better get to work if you are skiing down that section of the mountain.
Telluride airport in the distanceTelluride airport in the distance
Telluride airport in the distance

This shot you cannot get during the winter months since they don't generally like you climbing around on the equipment. I took advantage of the opportunity.
Looking back North againLooking back North again
Looking back North again

I believe that is the Plunge chairlift in the distance on the right.
At 11970 feet above sea levelAt 11970 feet above sea level
At 11970 feet above sea level

And a bit more climbing to go as it would turn out.
Looking SouthLooking South
Looking South

I was looking forward to seeing that range to the South without anything in the way ...
Tempter HouseTempter House
Tempter House

For some reason I failed to get a shot of the home from the West side of it looking East. Here I am South of it looking North.
Tempter House ViewsTempter House Views
Tempter House Views

You can see a couple of wrought iron deck fencing areas. Has to be a great view from either of them.
Tempter ChuteTempter Chute
Tempter Chute

I cannot imagine this is skiable in the winter months, but will have to check. Tempter House is to the left as I was standing right at the end of its sidewalk when I took this.
Tempter House from SETempter House from SE
Tempter House from SE

Looking N/NW towards the house now.
Looking NorthLooking North
Looking North

Tempter House is barely seen in the center of the picture now that I have continued my ascent to the South.
Looking mostly NorthLooking mostly North
Looking mostly North

Continuing the climb to the South.

Every run up this way has been a black diamond or a double black diamond. Not a place for beginners to hang out.

25th October 2010
Tempter Chute

it is roped off but I've seen people do it

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