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September 5th 2010
Published: September 18th 2010
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I started the day by taking in a free tribute to Claudia Cardinale, a siren actress from the 60s and 70s mostly from European films, then was pleasantly surprised to see that she was in attendance, watched the first half of her film "The girl with the suitcase", then took off to higher elevations to see if I could get some good photos. The weather that day had some clouds which affected how well ... Read Full Entry

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Groomed with a view : point 2Groomed with a view : point 2
Groomed with a view : point 2

There was a pretty steady and strong breeze right here.
Elevation 12255 feet above sea levelElevation 12255 feet above sea level
Elevation 12255 feet above sea level

... and more climbing yet to do.

As in, you need to have millions to consider living in Mountain Village below. The airport in the distance as well.
That road was steep!That road was steep!
That road was steep!

So much so that I was wondering if I was going to be able to walk up it. Barely. In the wintertime only snowmobiles can get up that. A vehicle would have to be in 4WD to make it up there.
Top of Gold Hill Express chair belowTop of Gold Hill Express chair below
Top of Gold Hill Express chair below

That was 12255' down there.
Top of Gold Hill runTop of Gold Hill run
Top of Gold Hill run

I can say I haven't seen trail markers with this kind of symbology outside of Kirkwood in Lake Tahoe. Better eat your Wheaties if you are taking a right at the sign.
Looking SELooking SE
Looking SE

Lots of stuff out of the way now.
Looking EastLooking East
Looking East

I was surprised to see any snow still lingering around Labor Day, but there is a chunk there in the bottom of the photo.
Reached the SaddleReached the Saddle
Reached the Saddle

There was this saddle that leads you away from the Telluride ski resort over to that range of mountains South. I only explored another 50 yards further or so from here.
Saddle and RangeSaddle and Range
Saddle and Range

I was hoping to get an unblocked view of that range, and did earn this view. Didn't realize I would have to get this close to it to get that view though.
Highest PointHighest Point
Highest Point

At least on my hike this day. Looking SW. There is the top of a chair lift way down below. Must be crazy windy up here year round.
Looking West down valleyLooking West down valley
Looking West down valley

Highway 145 West out of Telluride is downhill the whole way past Sawpit and Placerville until you hit highway 62.
Looking NWLooking NW
Looking NW

Mountain Village can be seen in the center of the photo
Looking NorthLooking North
Looking North

You can see the East side of Telluride way down there.
Looking NELooking NE
Looking NE

Zoomed in a touch.
Top of topmost chairliftTop of topmost chairlift
Top of topmost chairlift

When looking from the airport, you cannot see the top of this chair, only the top of the Gold Hill Express chair that you see just a bit further below.

25th October 2010
Tempter Chute

it is roped off but I've seen people do it

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