A fleeing elk herd with calves !

Published: June 24th 2017
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Geo: 40.4879, -106.836

A fleeing elk herd with calves !

We were barely out of Steamboat Springs when we saw some elk in the
field beside us. Some of them crossed the road and we stopped to watch
them. More appeared and with them they had some baby elk that still had
their spots.

We have taken down fence in the Valles Caldera and one of
the things they hope to prevent is the elk getting caught in the fence
and/or getting separated from their young. You could understand this as

the mother would jump over the fence and the baby would try to figure
how to get through the fence. Poor little things! They were making
this crying sound as they finally figured out how to get through.
Fortunately they all made it through!

We watched them climb up the hill and out of our sight before we moved on. They were calling out to the little ones and the little ones were responding back as they went up the hill. It was quite a show!

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